V’s Christening: Long Island Event Photographer

Patience is a virtue, especially when you are photographing babies.  They are curious and wiggly and when you mix that in with a lot of happiness you get this little guy.  Kristin and Rich’s little bundle of joy was getting christened, and I was honored and priviledged to be allowed to capture this special moment for their little family.  This was the face that greeted me when I came into the house.  Isn’t he the cutest?!

Mom and baby shared a special moment while fueling up for the big day!

Someone was VERY interested in my camera 🙂

Getting dressed by his godmom, and entertained by his cousin.

The happy family at the end of the service 🙂 Thank you guys for letting me share in your day!  (and the rain held out…for the most part : )


2 thoughts on “V’s Christening: Long Island Event Photographer

  1. I still love looking at these pictures. They are awesome and still bring a huge smile to my face every single time. Thanks again Tricia ❤

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