Christian’s Christening

I had never been to a Greek Orthodox baptism, let alone photograph one but I assumed it was similar to a Roman Catholic christening. Was I WRONG. My husband was baptized as Greek Orthodox when he was a baby, so I now know what went through. The ceremony is long and steeped with tradition and grandeur.  The ceremony took place at The Archangel Michael Church in Port Washington, NY.

We started outside for a few family portraits.

Notice the little man is not yet in his christening garb

 The ceremony starts in the back of the church, and then makes its way to the front.  The priest speaks in both english and greek which just really helps create a magical moment.

Then the parents (Jen and Evan : ) take the little man to the back and undress him for the baptism.

They COMPLETELY immerse the baby in the holy water!  But little Christian didn’t cry a peep!  What a trooper!

Then the baby (newly dressed in his white outfit) is handed over to his godparents for the remainder of the ceremony…kind of 🙂

In order to get their son “back” the parents have to kiss the hand of the godparents.  The father’s mom pulled me aside to make sure I got THE shot.

Jen was the trooper

Evan not so much, LOL

The newly christened little Christian

This family was amazing, the amount of moments I was able to capture…I was so happy to be a part of it.



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