Jenn and Matt’s Garden Wedding (Somerset, NJ)

Jenn and Matt, you two are so incredibly adorable I could have just hung around and inhaled in your energy and love. Thank you for letting me take part in your day!

Jenn and Matt married at Colonial Park in Somerset New Jersey on 9/10/11 in an intimate ceremony with their closest family and friends.

Jenn wore her hair in a very vintage 1920s-1940s fashion and her jewelry and details mimicked the theme. So gorgeous

all of the lovely bridesmaids

Of course we had to battle a little rain, (and a lot of bugs…WINDMILL, sorry inside joke)

but it was COMPLETELY worth it, the light was just amazing as the sun peeked through the trees

Matt, I only met him for the first time right before the ceremony. He has the most infectious smile


Ah that last image, that is Gabe…the most awesome rockin’ roll kid ever

Did I mention Jenn’s DIY awesomeness enough? Yea she made the boutonnieres too

oh you guys are too cute!!!!Now before I get into all the cuteness and natural talents in front of the camera, let’s see a little more of that Matt
ok now back to the fun!

These two were a dream to work with, I would set them up for a shot run to take my place to take it and give them instructions and they would just be doing sweet adorable things already! Way to make my job SO hard 🙂

Then we headed to the reception at Jenn’s parents house. They had a lovely tent set up in the yard and everyone just got to relax and enjoy the day. 

Matt being an English professor and Jenn being a Shakespearean actress this seemed like the perfect place to capture their Celtic style rings.


And what would any wedding be without a first dance



16 thoughts on “Jenn and Matt’s Garden Wedding (Somerset, NJ)

  1. Tricia, we loved hanging out with you! It felt like we’d known you for years, and your photos are breathtaking! You really captured our little family. We can’t thank you enough!!


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