Family Fun Time!

Informal family sessions are my fav! More of a chance to relax and be who you are in front of the camera. Making moments and memories 🙂
Kristen, her hubs Rich and their little guy Vin don’t get a chance to have many family pictures taken because Kristen (like me!!) is usually the one with the camera 🙂 It was a delight! Especially since Vin has JUST started walking (and rockin it!) and this was his first chance to walk on the grass and play with the leaves! YAY!

This is from when we first put him on the ground, I think his reaction was “What IS this?!!”

This is SO MUCH FUN!

ahh mamma snuggles

Then Daddy joined us for a big SWOOP to the sky!

Then their doggie Kane joined us and Vin wanted nothing to do with anyone but that dog 🙂

Kane is awesomely photogenic! Look at that smile! Happy day!

Till next time!

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