It’s Love

There once was a girl named Stacey, who loved the Mets.  She met a boy named Neil, who loved the Yankees.

They teased and poked at each other, about the others team, until they finally realized; they loved each other.

A New Years Eve engagement and a quick message to me, led us to wandering hidden corners in Cedarhurst, NY  for an engagement session.

Cat and I teamed up (hehehe get it?  TEAMED up…like baseball?  Nevermind), to hit the streets and make them work what their mamas gave them.  They didn’t make us work very hard…but we were definitely laughing a lot!

We found a gem of a hidden stair case, with a hint of back lighting that the winter is oh so good for.

I told you, rivals…


If Mets and Yankees fans can put their differences aside for love, what’s next?  World Peace?!!  🙂

Seriously, you guys were so cute and sweet. Thanks for letting us spend the day with you!



4 thoughts on “It’s Love

  1. That’s my brother! God, he looks so incredibly happy – which, of course, is largely because of that pretty lady he’s with, but you did a great job capturing it! Thank you for posting these. PS: it means a lot to me that the photographer my brother went with also proudly posts pictures of same-sex couples on her website – it means that the photographer would be as comfortable shooting my wedding as his, which is a beautiful thing. Beautiful work.


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