We have always had a special place in our hearts for chinese food.  Especially the fortune cookies.  This great restaurant in Greenwich Village was one of our first dates, and we each picked our fortune and opened them and laughed about them.  What they said, I can’t remember, but huddled in the restaurant on that cold night laughing and joking I wish I had the foresight to save them.

When we first rescued Odie, he made it a point to steal his very own fortune on his first night with us, it was very apropos.  And I saved it:

From then on out, it became tradition to save them in a jar.  Because who doesn’t need a little good fortune 🙂

The fortune I received last night reaffirmed that…

I believe in the power of mind over matter.  Whatever you put your mind to, work hard at and love, you will succeed…

I gotta wear shades 😉



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