So then this other stuff happened

I occasionally write relatively personal posts about my dog or my wedding.  I don’t normally share every blessed thing that happens because frankly, my life is pretty average and boring 🙂 Like, I thought about sharing my new car with you folks when my old one COMPLETELY DIED on the Meadowbrook Parkway, but I never got around to it.  But I figured since this thing is going to be a pretty big aspect of my life I would share!

After my twinnie session, my husband (who came to assist) and I stopped off at a local park to take a few pictures of me.  Why, you may ask…well here’s why:

Maternity Tricia LaPonte Photography_001 Maternity Tricia LaPonte Photography_002 Maternity Tricia LaPonte Photography_003Coming March 2013 (give or take) our little bug 🙂  We are very excited here, Odie can’t wait to be a big brother (I’m sure he would tell me this if he could talk!).  And, didn’t my hubs do a great job!  May have to make him a second shooter one day 🙂


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