Jenn and Pete // Irish Coffee Pub // Wedding

Jenn and Pete had a beautiful, intimate elopement at the Irish Coffee Pub. Their closest family and friends to witness their nuptials. We quickly escaped to get some lovely formals at the staircase, then found some lovely niches around the restaurant before the ceremony.
They exchanged rings and then it was time to dine!
Congratulations you guys! Hope you enjoyed your spa weekend!!
Tricia LaPonte Photography_000

Tricia LaPonte Photography_001

Tricia LaPonte Photography_002

Tricia LaPonte Photography_003

Tricia LaPonte Photography_004

Tricia LaPonte Photography_005

Tricia LaPonte Photography_006

Tricia LaPonte Photography_007

Tricia LaPonte Photography_008

Tricia LaPonte Photography_009

Tricia LaPonte Photography_010

Tricia LaPonte Photography_011

Tricia LaPonte Photography_012


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