Larissa and Greg // Frank Melville Park // Wedding

I walked into the hotel room Larissa was getting ready in, welcomed by her dad, turned a corner and I was fa-lored!  Dressed in a vintage style dress, with a purple (her favorite color) birdcage veil , Larissa was a stunner.  Flocked by her bridesmaids, everyone joked and giggled while they put the finishing touches on and got ready to head to the Bates House in Setauket, NY.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_013 Tricia LaPonte Photography_014 Tricia LaPonte Photography_015 Tricia LaPonte Photography_016 Tricia LaPonte Photography_017(this sign was at the exit of the hotel, I thought it was appropriate)

Tricia LaPonte Photography_022Tricia LaPonte Photography_019


Tricia LaPonte Photography_052At the Bates House I was greeted by Greg who was nervously awaiting his bride

Tricia LaPonte Photography_021

and she didn’t disappoint

Tricia LaPonte Photography_023

Tricia LaPonte Photography_024

Tricia LaPonte Photography_026Tricia LaPonte Photography_025 Tricia LaPonte Photography_027Larissa had pirate flags for the guests to wave as they left the ceremony.  Greg likes pirates, and it was a surprise for him 🙂Tricia LaPonte Photography_028

This was literally the first image I got of them together, their first moment alone as husband and wife

Tricia LaPonte Photography_029

Then we rounded up the bridal party for some fun portraits, pirate flags in tow

Tricia LaPonte Photography_031 Tricia LaPonte Photography_032 Tricia LaPonte Photography_033

Greg had specific places around he property that are sentimental to them.  He wanted to make sure they were documented on their wedding day.  I was more than happy to oblige 🙂

I seriously cannot put all the bridal portraits into this blog post, there are too many that I love so I had to have my husband choose his absolute favs

Tricia LaPonte Photography_034 Tricia LaPonte Photography_035 Tricia LaPonte Photography_036 Tricia LaPonte Photography_037 Tricia LaPonte Photography_038 Tricia LaPonte Photography_039 Tricia LaPonte Photography_040 Tricia LaPonte Photography_041

We headed back to the house for the reception, and dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing

Tricia LaPonte Photography_042 Tricia LaPonte Photography_043

Tricia LaPonte Photography_049 I love father/daughter, mother/son dances

Tricia LaPonte Photography_050

There was obviously cake, which had the whole “pirates/Tim Burton” theme

Tricia LaPonte Photography_045

There were too many awesome moments in this wedding that they won’t all fit into this post.  There were toasts, bouquet tosses, garter tosses and Iron Maiden…

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day Larissa and Greg!  It was the best possible way to kick off wedding season 🙂

Tricia LaPonte Photography_046 Tricia LaPonte Photography_051

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