Rebecca and Chris // Engaged // Montauk Lighthouse

You know how Sunday was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous? I think God was looking down on these two (and me!) when we drove to Montauk to shoot their engagement session.
It was so much fun shooting this lighthearted couple (and Rebecca if you’re reading this don’t correct my spelling!)
We hit up Camp Hero to take advantage of the views of the lighthouse where Chris proposed.
Can’t wait to shoot your wedding in July!!
Tricia LaPonte Photography_053

Tricia LaPonte Photography_054

Tricia LaPonte Photography_055

Tricia LaPonte Photography_056

Tricia LaPonte Photography_057

Tricia LaPonte Photography_058

Could you not KILL for her eyes?Tricia LaPonte Photography_059

Tricia LaPonte Photography_060

Tricia LaPonte Photography_061

Tricia LaPonte Photography_062

Tricia LaPonte Photography_063

Tricia LaPonte Photography_064

Tricia LaPonte Photography_065

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