I wasn’t going to write anything, because it feels odd sharing something like this, but on the flip side I need to honor her memory and share just how much she meant to us.

As my sister so eloquently wrote, “Lost a family member today…Mackenna, you were so much more than a pet, you were a sister. Rest in peace…3/99 – 6/13”

Mack was a rescue pup from North Shore Animal League.  I still remember driving there and almost dying because my mom tried to drive onto the off ramp for the parkway.  Diana picked her out immediately, she knew this dog was special.

I am missing some of my older files so the earliest I have are from 2006, (also some of these are with old point and shoot cameras).

Mack (Chennapup, Angel Baby Cookie Face, Macka, Macaroni, Mama, Mackenna) loved toys.  Especially those with a squeaker.  She liked specifically to kill the squeaker.  Rip open the toy, find the source of the noise and DESTROY IT.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_107 Tricia LaPonte Photography_110

She was one of the smartest dogs I know.  She just decided one day to start bringing in the newspaper.  She also was patient when we tortured her with crazy outfits.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_113

Tricia LaPonte Photography_109 Tricia LaPonte Photography_108 Tricia LaPonte Photography_114

Odie came into the picture in about 2007, Mack and he got along.  Mostly because he allowed her to remain queen of the castle.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_111

Then Jack was rescued (we’re a big rescue family) and Mack didn’t take too kindly to the yougin’ trying to nose his way in.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_115 Tricia LaPonte Photography_116

She was terrified of thunder and lightning, one time on a walk a crack of thunder caused her to escape the leash and make a run for the house with me trailing behind.  She loved treats, and to nose my mom in the butt until she got one.  She loved her kong, and to run around the backyard “hunting” for cats.  She loved to chew on bones until her teeth fell out.  Most of all she loved us and we loved her.

Baby girl we will miss you so much.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_108 Tricia LaPonte Photography_112

9 thoughts on “Mackenna

  1. what a lovely beautiful tribute. thank you for sharing. dogs are such an important & amazing part of the family. so happy to hear that you’ve rescued these dogs and have given them a loving home.

  2. yes our animals are part of the family. I am momma to them and they know that and they have sisters that have 2 legs. I give them all a kiss goodnight every night. They too are adopted from a rescue facility. The come into our hears and walk away with it.


  3. Hello Mackenna’s owner,
    I’m so sad to learn that your sweetie has passed. My family has also lost our Pepper … He was the best dog ever. We adopted him from North Shore as well. Oddly funny we got him around early winter time in 1998 and your dog looks so much like our Pepper ! Same fuzzy long tall and lean body ……. It’s really hard to see them go…..

  4. What a wonderful tribute. Your dog deserved every word. She truly was much more than a pet. They get into our hearts and stay there forever. Lucky Mackenna…..even luckier you. Cherish her memory forever.

  5. What a beautiful story and tribute to your girl. We rescued Zak 14 yrs ago from North Shore and he was one of our children. He was more human than dog and he lived an amazing life. He passed way 6 mos ago and last week we rescued Hunter, our 8 wk old baby boy. Life is complete with out fur babies. Wishing you strength and peace in mourning the loss of your girl. She had an amazing life because of you

  6. So sorry for your loss but such a beautiful tribute. You were all so lucky to have each other. May she rest in peace until you meet again.

  7. I got COdy at NOrth Shore on February 2,1999. He was my best friend, my hero my Codycakes…..He passed away May 16, 2013. I had 14.5 years to love him more than you know. Well I think you can imagine. It seems as though you were gifted with the same joy and happiness I was. My mom tells me his spirit is still with me, so I guess I have to believe that…RIP

  8. What a lovely tribute to Mackenna! She was one lucky dog to have you guys but I know you consider yourselves twice as lucky to have had her! She will always stay in your hearts in a very special place.


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