Pam and Nate // Wedding // Westbury Manor

This wedding has been a long anticipated one for me . I photographed Pam and Nate for their engagement session in October of 2012. When they willingly climbed a tree and were ok doing all my crazy ideas (and hopefully having fun with it!) I knew this couple was going to have the most kick butt wedding. From our first meeting, to the e-shoot to their wedding, they were welcoming, warm and sweet. I felt indoctrinated as a guest more so than a wedding photographer.
Tricia LaPonte Photography_123 Tricia LaPonte Photography_124 Tricia LaPonte Photography_125 Tricia LaPonte Photography_126 Tricia LaPonte Photography_127 Tricia LaPonte Photography_128 Tricia LaPonte Photography_129

My second shooter Denise helped me cover a few different aspects of the ceremony

Tricia LaPonte Photography_132

I love seeing Nate’s reaction to PamTricia LaPonte Photography_130

I’m pretty sure her dad said something along the lines of “you take care of her now”

Tricia LaPonte Photography_131 Tricia LaPonte Photography_133 Tricia LaPonte Photography_134


Tricia LaPonte Photography_135Tricia LaPonte Photography_140

Heading over to Westbury Manor, we weren’t sure if we were going to be rained out of the location for formals. Thankfully the weather held out.

Pam and Nate’s incredibly fun and awesome bridal party

Tricia LaPonte Photography_141 Tricia LaPonte Photography_143 Tricia LaPonte Photography_144 Tricia LaPonte Photography_142

we snuck in a few before they headed in for the reception

Tricia LaPonte Photography_145 Tricia LaPonte Photography_146

Pam, you are gorgeous. Nate, you’re not too bad either 😉Tricia LaPonte Photography_147 Tricia LaPonte Photography_148 Tricia LaPonte Photography_149

Tricia LaPonte Photography_150 Tricia LaPonte Photography_151

First dancesTricia LaPonte Photography_156

Emotional parent dances are my favoriteTricia LaPonte Photography_157 Tricia LaPonte Photography_152

Moms reaction to hearing the song her son chose for their dance. Love itTricia LaPonte Photography_158 Tricia LaPonte Photography_154

I stole them away for a few more photos in the conservatory

Tricia LaPonte Photography_159

Tricia LaPonte Photography_164

Tricia LaPonte Photography_165 Tricia LaPonte Photography_163

and they decided to warm up for their performance

Tricia LaPonte Photography_162

I think this image of Nate will be Pam’s favorite for awhile 🙂Tricia LaPonte Photography_161 Tricia LaPonte Photography_160

Then it was singing time! They performed “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgeralds version. It was perfection.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_166 Tricia LaPonte Photography_174then Pam sang a song just for Nate

Tricia LaPonte Photography_167 Tricia LaPonte Photography_155

Then it was more partying time!!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_169 Tricia LaPonte Photography_170 Tricia LaPonte Photography_172Tricia LaPonte Photography_173

These are seriously just a sampling of the images I have from this wedding, I could not fit them all into one blog post if I tried. I tried my best to show in as much detail the love, funness and basically amazing people these two are and who they have surrounded themselves with…the same kind (fun, loving, kind).

Congrats you guys!! Have fun on your honeymoon!!




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