Rebecca and Chris // Wedding // Atlantis Marine World

You may recognize this couple from their awesome Montauk engagement shoot from a month back. This couple was cool as a cucumber, cracking jokes and just up for basically anything. I knew their wedding was going to be as much fun and amazing.
I haven’t been back to the Long Island Aquarium in about 2 years so the changes were just astounding, and beautiful.Tricia LaPonte Photography_175

Tricia LaPonte Photography_176

We then scurried (well Rebecca swaggered) down to the salt marsh bridge for a first look before we headed over to Rebecca’s choice location 🙂

Tricia LaPonte Photography_177

I love Chris’ expression, and when he asked her to twirl *swoon*

Tricia LaPonte Photography_178

Tricia LaPonte Photography_179

Tricia LaPonte Photography_180

Tricia LaPonte Photography_181

PENGUINS!  This penguins name was Pam and she was very well behaved.  She even dressed up for the occassion 😉

Tricia LaPonte Photography_182

Tricia LaPonte Photography_183

After the penguin introductions we made a quick survey of the property to snag some impromptu portraits before the ceremony

Tricia LaPonte Photography_184

Tricia LaPonte Photography_185


even though he saw her already, I could tell he was still in awe

Tricia LaPonte Photography_186

Tricia LaPonte Photography_187

Tricia LaPonte Photography_193

they wrote their own very personal vows.  When vows make you feel like you’ve known a couple forever, they done good

Tricia LaPonte Photography_188

Tricia LaPonte Photography_189

Tricia LaPonte Photography_190

Pastor April did an amazing job with the sermon, if I could have my wedding again I would totally have her do it.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_192

Tricia LaPonte Photography_196

Tricia LaPonte Photography_197

More portraits!  I love to give a variety to my couples if we have the time, and the light/couple/day/atmosphere was so gorgeous I just HAD to find the time

Tricia LaPonte Photography_198

Tricia LaPonte Photography_199

Tricia LaPonte Photography_200

These two are my absolute favorites

Tricia LaPonte Photography_201

Tricia LaPonte Photography_202

Her gorgeous girls

Tricia LaPonte Photography_203

and his cool cats, courtesy of my 2nd shooter Charles

Tricia LaPonte Photography_204

The cocktail hour took place in the actual aquarium so guests could visit the fish >O

Tricia LaPonte Photography_205

Rebecca has a penchant for Hello Kitty, so adorable

Tricia LaPonte Photography_206

Tricia LaPonte Photography_207

Hi buddy!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_208

Hey now!  These were some entrances!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_209

Tricia LaPonte Photography_210

Tricia LaPonte Photography_211

Tricia LaPonte Photography_212

Tricia LaPonte Photography_213

Tricia LaPonte Photography_214

Tricia LaPonte Photography_215

And what wedding wouldn’t be complete without touching/funny/personal speeches?

Tricia LaPonte Photography_216

Tricia LaPonte Photography_217

Tricia LaPonte Photography_218

Tricia LaPonte Photography_219

Tricia LaPonte Photography_220

Tricia LaPonte Photography_221

The grooms cake

Tricia LaPonte Photography_222

I adore sweet father/daughter dances…and Rebecca got two!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_223

Tricia LaPonte Photography_224

cake time!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_225

Tricia LaPonte Photography_226

Mr and Mrs Boo, I hope you had as much fun as I did (and from the looks of it you did)  Congratulations!!



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