Katie and Ryan // Wedding // Milleridge Inn

Friday the 13th is typically looked upon as “unlucky”.  Not for these two.  The weather held up beautifully, they were surrounded by the best of the best and their day went off without a hitch!

love, love her red shoes and touches of “Christmas” in her bouquet.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_320

It was so much fun being a part of this entourage of ladies.  They were so focused!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_321 Tricia LaPonte Photography_322 Tricia LaPonte Photography_323



The End.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_324 Tricia LaPonte Photography_325

There was plenty of time between the “getting ready” aspect and ceremony to get candids and some silly faces.Tricia LaPonte Photography_326 Tricia LaPonte Photography_327 Tricia LaPonte Photography_328 Tricia LaPonte Photography_329 Tricia LaPonte Photography_330

Here we go!Tricia LaPonte Photography_331 Tricia LaPonte Photography_332 Tricia LaPonte Photography_333 Tricia LaPonte Photography_334

Katies mom and stepdad used to carol at Milleridge Inn, and they graced us with a performance during the ceremony.Tricia LaPonte Photography_335 Tricia LaPonte Photography_336 Tricia LaPonte Photography_337 Tricia LaPonte Photography_338

One traditional shot.Tricia LaPonte Photography_339

and straight into fun!Tricia LaPonte Photography_340 Tricia LaPonte Photography_341 Tricia LaPonte Photography_342

These two screamed black and white to me, classic and timeless.Tricia LaPonte Photography_343 Tricia LaPonte Photography_344 Tricia LaPonte Photography_345

They hired an orchestra.  Seriously, how romantic can you get.  Katie being a piano teacher, it makes perfect sense she has a love for music.  Tricia LaPonte Photography_346 Tricia LaPonte Photography_347

Milleridge always does a beautiful job decorating for the holidays.  Tricia LaPonte Photography_348 Tricia LaPonte Photography_349 Tricia LaPonte Photography_350 Tricia LaPonte Photography_351 Tricia LaPonte Photography_352

This was possibly the best cake smash I’ve ever witnessed. Tricia LaPonte Photography_353 Tricia LaPonte Photography_356 Tricia LaPonte Photography_357 Tricia LaPonte Photography_358

Love, love.

Congrats you two!!



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