Cindy’s Maternity Session // Lifestyle & Bethpage State Park

Cindy and her hubby invited me into their home to grab a few photos before we headed out to the park, (I almost said shots here, but this being a maternity session I thought that might evoke some wrong imagery);)

Tricia LaPonte Photography_359

Tricia LaPonte Photography_360

Love all their wedding photos!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_361

Look at this delicious soft light in the babies room!  It’s almost ready little dude.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_362

Tricia LaPonte Photography_363

We headed out to the park because, hi it was January and almost 50 degrees it would be a complete waste not to!  And the light…ooooooh the light!

I love Cindy’s smile, that one on the left so sweet 🙂

Tricia LaPonte Photography_364

Tricia LaPonte Photography_365

Cindy’s husband John was so sweet during the session “whatever you want” whenever I asked him to do something.

Perfect husband!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_366

Hello gorgeous!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_367

Like I said, delicious light.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_368

Congrats you two!  Baby N is soooo lucky to have you guys waiting for his arrival!



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