Karen and Thomas // Verace // Long Island Wedding// Offbeat Bride Wedding// Islip Wedding

Kis·met [ kíz mèt ] Definition, fate: fate or destiny.

This is the word I use for these two.  Everything came together so smoothly.  From their engagement session to their wedding, if they willed it it came.

When Karen and I exchanged emails and she let me know that she and Thomas were UP! the movie fans and wanted that theme for their shoot I knew the exact location we should go to…when I showed up at their wedding venue and saw a little piece of magic across the street I couldn’t help but ask them to “go on an adventure” with me 🙂

But first, the first glance…Thomas’ reaction was like the best thing since apple pie

long island wedding photographer_472 long island wedding photographer_473 long island wedding photographer_474 long island wedding photographer_475

And the magic…I could not believe that this “house” (it’s actually office space) was open to us!  And right across the street!!  Fortunately for us Verace owns the property…seriously kismet.long island wedding photographer_476 long island wedding photographer_477
long island wedding photographer_479 long island wedding photographer_480 long island wedding photographer_481 long island wedding photographer_482

We gathered the bridal party for a few quick poses.

Can we say these two were up for anything I asked them?  Um, yes
long island wedding photographer_485

Look at these gorgeous girls

long island wedding photographer_486

long island wedding photographer_487

Love me some detail shotslong island wedding photographer_483

Then we high tailed it to the ceremony…Karen was so excited to exchange vows she pretty much ran down the aisle 😉long island wedding photographer_484
long island wedding photographer_488 long island wedding photographer_489

An elegant, relaxed reception (with amazingly awesome food)
long island wedding photographer_490

How sweet are these two?long island wedding photographer_491

A lovely well deserved toastlong island wedding photographer_492 long island wedding photographer_493

Karen surprised Tom with a “Big Foot/Yeti” grooms cake…me thinks he liked it!
long island wedding photographer_494 long island wedding photographer_495

I just can’t!  Thank you for allowing me to document your “adventure”…have fun forever and always in Paradise Falls ❤long island wedding photographer_496

Venue: Verace
Vendors:   Primp Long Island (Hair), Stacy Doolan (Makeup), Oberle’s (Flowers), Cakes (NY Cupcakery ( Bigfoot cake) and Dortoni (wedding cake))
Dress: Oleg Cassini from David’s Bridal
Suit: Men’s Warehouse
Favorite moment of your wedding day(you can answer for both, or you can both answer!): Surprising Tom with the groom’s cake….Seeing Karen for the first look
How did it feel walking up the aisle: Amazing. It felt like no else was there but Tom and me
What was the most important detail to you: the pictures
Biggest tip to future couples to ensure they enjoy your wedding day: Take a step back and enjoy every second!
If you could tell every couple one tip to taking pictures, what would it be: Just relax!

7 thoughts on “Karen and Thomas // Verace // Long Island Wedding// Offbeat Bride Wedding// Islip Wedding

  1. Amazing photography, so natural. Everyone looks so happy and comfortable, and your ability to capture natural light is awe-inspiring. If you’re looking to join some Photographer Trade Groups, let me know. You’re definitely awesome enough and they could learn a lot from you.

  2. especially love the reaction of the couple of their first look! Colors are so pretty here. Appears to be a lovely intimate wedding. Great job!


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