Danielle and Mike // Love Session // Robert Moses

Danielle confided in me that she had wanted a photo session with her hubs Mike for awhile now.  He finally conceded and gave her a session for her birthday.

The day of the session I was watching the clouds roll in and out and rain dribble here and there worrying we’d have to reschedule.  But Danielle was confidently texting me that it looked great where they were, so I made my way to Robert Moses.

We immediately started chatting about things we had in common, things that happened that week and just general chit chat.

And it was awesome.  Because they are awesome.

long island wedding photographer_532 long island wedding photographer_533 long island wedding photographer_534 long island wedding photographer_535 long island wedding photographer_536 long island wedding photographer_537

Guys, I HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE.  I have lived on this island my entire life and had no idea that a 30 minute drive up Ocean Parkway was this awesome place.  With DEER and RABBITS!  and a lighthouse.  I can’t wait to go back!



2 thoughts on “Danielle and Mike // Love Session // Robert Moses

  1. Lovely couple, they look so happy! I love the picture of them both sitting down with the lighthouse directly behind them, such a great perspective shot!


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