Queens Elopement // Wedding Photographer

I photographed this sweet little backyard elopement two weeks ago on a gorgeous May day.  May is perfect for weddings!
Gianina and George chose to have their closest family and friends (some who traveled quite a distance) for this fun loving and intimate wedding.  There was so much love (and food!)  I’m so happy I was able to share in their day 🙂long island wedding photographer_548 long island wedding photographer_549 long island wedding photographer_550 long island wedding photographer_551  long island wedding photographer_555

Even though I was only with them for 2 hours, these are the people who make you feel immediately welcome with their warmth.  I’m so happy they found each other.long island wedding photographer_552long island wedding photographer_553

And when working in such a short timeframe and limited location, it’s SUPER important to trust your photographer and of course be completely infatuated with each other.   long island wedding photographer_554 long island wedding photographer_556

Congratulations you two!  long island wedding photographer_557


One thought on “Queens Elopement // Wedding Photographer

  1. Thanks a million, Tricia, you took gorgeous pictures! We are soooo pleased with the results, you did a fantastic job!!! Thanks for being so nice and patient 😍


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