Amanda and Peter // Fox Hollow Caterers // Long Island Wedding

Prepare yourself for sweetness and joy!
2015-06-13_001 2015-06-13_002See, happiness overload!2015-06-13_003 2015-06-13_004Could they be more adorably excited?2015-06-13_005MARRIED!2015-06-13_0061,2,3 POSE!2015-06-13_008It’s amazing what you can do in 5 minutes with two lovely people2015-06-13_007

It was suuuper muggy out so we took advantage of an empty room for some more portraits (in the AC!)2015-06-13_009 2015-06-13_010 2015-06-13_011Occassionally I like to experiment šŸ™‚2015-06-13_012paaarrrttyyyy!!2015-06-13_013 2015-06-13_014 2015-06-13_015 2015-06-13_016Congratulations!!



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