Stephanie and Jim // Connecticut Backyard Wedding

**CAUTION** Before proceeding to this gorgeous wedding be aware that it is very picture heavy.  I repeat VERY PICTURE HEAVY.  **Proceed**

Stephanie and Jim chose to get married at her parents home in New Fairfield, CT.  It was a true family affair, with everyone helping and creating.  From signs, to cakes.  Everyone pitched in, and it was beautiful.


How hot are these shoes 2015-10-04_0052015-10-04_008Kulp Wedding, Connecticut Wedding, Long Island Wedding Photographer, Tricia LaPonte Photography

The gorgeous bridesmaids!2015-10-04_0032015-10-04_0122015-10-04_013

Steph, you are beautiful2015-10-04_027

My friend Denise was with the guys capturing all sorts of shenanigans2015-10-04_0022015-10-04_0072015-10-04_009

Ladies, stop being so adorable2015-10-04_0202015-10-04_021

Flying V you say?  MIGHTY DUCKS!!2015-10-04_023

Their first look was done on the porch of her families home.  Jim, stop looking so happy! (my face hurt by the end of the day with all the smiling!)2015-10-04_0152015-10-04_0162015-10-04_0172015-10-04_018            2015-10-04_0282015-10-04_0292015-10-04_030MARRIEEEEEDD!!  2015-10-04_031   2015-10-04_032  2015-10-04_026

God I love the sun

2015-10-04_0252015-10-04_033 2015-10-04_024

See?  DETAILS!!  and all made with love. 2015-10-04_0222015-10-04_034        2015-10-04_036

Stephanie wrote and performed a song for her new hubby.  Not a dry eye in the house.   2015-10-04_0382015-10-04_037

The speeches were equal parts funny and heartfelt.  2015-10-04_039  2015-10-04_040

Then it was time to paaaarrrrrtyyyyyyyy        2015-10-04_0412015-10-04_0452015-10-04_046

We took them out into the pitch black for some night portraits2015-10-04_0432015-10-04_0422015-10-04_044

Thank you so much for allowing us into your families for the day!  Love you guys!!

Special shoutouts:

Thank you Denise for being my right hand and eyes and ears.

And Craig, for referring me to Steph and Jim as well as being part videographer part coordinator for the day 🙂 GO TEAM!



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