Skylar’s Lifestyle Newborn Session // Long Island Family Photographer

Welcome to the world Skylar!

I’ve known your mama for what feels like 20 years.  She’s cool, calm and mostly collected.  Respect her, love her and most of all, be like her.


Your dad’s ok too 😉 2015-10-07_002

Sisters ❤2015-10-07_003 2015-10-07_004 2015-10-07_005 2015-10-07_006 2015-10-07_007

This is just real life, with an almost 5 year old and a newborn.2015-10-07_008 2015-10-07_009 2015-10-07_010

A huge ginmormous thank you to Connie Lynch for coming out to help me with this session!  For knowing how to wrap up newborns, sound machine usage and general merriment 🙂2015-10-07_011 2015-10-07_012



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