Kerri and Ryan // Woodbury Country Club // Long Island Wedding

Kerri’s one cool cat, when you can make me laugh OUT LOUD via an email exchange, you rank high on the cool scale.

When I got to the hotel to start my (early!) day with Kerri and her sister (mom, soon to be mother in law and sister in law) I felt like I was being welcomed into a friends home party.  I believe at one point I was offered champagne 🙂  long island wedding photographer, woodbury country club 2015-10-27_002 2015-10-27_003

One of my favorite bridal portraits2015-10-27_004Their first look, sweet and simple just like them. 2015-10-27_005 2015-10-27_006 LOVED the grounds at Woodbury Country Club
2015-10-27_008 2015-10-27_009

See, cool (and silly, just my cup of tea!)2015-10-27_010Helloooooo Ryan!2015-10-27_011

This dad clearly has a special relationship with his girls 🙂2015-10-27_012They opted for the fastest ceremony, ever…of all time.  I’m pretty sure it was 7 minutes.2015-10-27_013 2015-10-27_014Custom cons and wedding Jordans?  caaaa-oooooollll2015-10-27_015 2015-10-27_016

All the the centerpiece glass was custom sourced by the florist, Black Dahlia2015-10-27_017 2015-10-27_018

Partyyyyy tiiimeeee!2015-10-27_019 2015-10-27_020 2015-10-27_021 2015-10-27_022 2015-10-27_023

The band Body Heat was pretty outstanding2015-10-27_024

Again, parent dances are one of my favs2015-10-27_025 2015-10-27_026

Fun times!!  Thank you guys for having us!2015-10-27_027



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