Larissa and Steve // Insignia // Long Island Wedding

What happens when clients become friends?  You anxiously await their wedding as though you’re an invited guest!  I’ve had so much fun getting to know these two through this whole process, really, I expected to be in a bridesmaids dress.  BUT, second best was getting to document this perfect day 🙂 I had the honor of starting with Larissa and her gorgeous ladies Halloween morning. long island wedding photographer_611 long island wedding photographer_612Oh hey gorgeous!long island wedding photographer_613 long island wedding photographer_614

My friend and second shooter Jess took the groom prep to a whole new level of awesome!long island wedding photographer_615 long island wedding photographer_616 long island wedding photographer_617 long island wedding photographer_618

A beautiful and personal ceremony at the church they met in…long island wedding photographer_619

long island wedding photographer_625 long island wedding photographer_620 long island wedding photographer_621 long island wedding photographer_622
Picture perfect
long island wedding photographer_623 long island wedding photographer_624So many thoughtful touches
long island wedding photographer_626 long island wedding photographer_627 long island wedding photographer_628 long island wedding photographer_629 long island wedding photographer_630 long island wedding photographer_631

Parent dances…heart meltslong island wedding photographer_632

We snuck L&S out during reception to take advantage of the warm day and perfect lightlong island wedding photographer_633

And of course took advantage of Insignia’s wine room. long island wedding photographer_634 long island wedding photographer_635 long island wedding photographer_636 long island wedding photographer_637

To infinity, and beyond ❤long island wedding photographer_638



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