Jane and Kyle // Engagement // Brooklyn

I love my job, it takes me to so many places I wouldn’t ordinarily go…like off Long Island 🙂

Kyle and Jane selected a park near their apartment for us to meet up on a gorgeous December day.  Seriously, it was like 60 degrees…in December!  Perfect shooting weather!

The park had so many cool aspects we didn’t have to go far to get a variety of styles.


Guess….who’s getting marriieeedddd2015-12-14_002

Yummy light and adorable people.  Also, really cute shoes!2015-12-14_003

Stopppp!  You guys are adorable!2015-12-14_004 2015-12-14_005

Twirl, for no reason besides it being fun2015-12-14_006

We stole a stoop because I was obsessed with this brownstone. 2015-12-14_007

If I had to choose a favorite, well I couldn’t.  But I love this one soso much!2015-12-14_008




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