What is a Second Shooter Anyway?

It’s story time!

Some people wonder why I include a second photographer (shooter) in all my packages.  My answer is always this, security.

On my very first wedding back in 2011, I was shooting in a park in New Jersey.  As a Long Island-er, New Jersey is typically anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours away.  I brought along another up-and-comer to “assist” (aka carry bags and help out) as well as keep me company.  This had been the way I was taught when I assisted, and was common practice at the time.

I was photographing the ceremony, which was outside, when a gnat flew into my eye.  I couldn’t really see anything.  At all.

I walked over to my assistant, handed her my camera and asked her to keep shooting while I tried to get the thing out of my eye.  It was then that it dawned on me; what if I had fallen and didn’t have someone there.  I was in a different state, it’s not like I could contact someone locally and have them run over to take over for me.

From that moment forward, I’ve included a second photographer in every single package.  Whether you’re getting married in a small ceremony or a large one, I like having back up right there and then should something happen.

There are fringe benefits to this, you get different angles of your day.  I can have someone in a different location at the same time (I know, I wish I could be everywhere but sometimes it’s not possible!), and just like when I just had an assistant I have someone there to help make your day (and mine) go as smoothly ,and fun, as possible!



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