Jodie and Matt // West Sayville Country Club // Long Island Wedding

I really should just post a link to the full gallery for this wedding, I literally had the HARDEST time picking images for this blog!  The whole day went off without a hitch, Matt and Jodie are the most gracious kind go-with-the-flow people.  Working with my friend Scott and this new super cool videographer Riley just made it super cool fantastic!

I’m starting out with this duo of images, Scott and I must have psychic abilities because we took these at almost the exact same time. 2016-07-24_002

I’m obsessed with reflections 2016-07-24_003 Hey Jodie, are you praying?  2016-07-24_004 2016-07-24_005 2016-07-24_006 Jodies mom legit looked like she was a bridesmaid!  Good genes peoples!!2016-07-24_007 Jodie, your eyes!  ❤ ❤

2016-07-24_008 2016-07-24_009 I can’t post a ton from the ceremony or else this blog would be like 50 pages long, but look how sweet these two are at their service!  Matt’s uncle is a priest at Our Lady of Lourdes in Massapequa, so the whole ceremony was so special.
2016-07-24_011 2016-07-24_012 2016-07-24_013 2016-07-24_014 This is one good looking/j-crew-ish bridal party!2016-07-24_015 I don’t normally post family images, but this was an in between shot with everyone fussing over Jodie’s hair and it’s perfect!2016-07-24_016 You guys are marrrriiiiieeeedddd2016-07-24_017 2016-07-24_018 This is the first time I had a chance to venture into other areas of West Sayville Country Club (Mansion at West Sayille or Long Island Maritime Museum, they’re all on the same property so take your pick of name!) and I’ve always wanted too but didn’t have enough time. 2016-07-24_019 Jodie, you’re not gorgeous or anything2016-07-24_020 Hey would you guys mind getting on this boat that we may or may not get in trouble for?  LOVE them!!2016-07-24_021 2016-07-24_022 Speeches are so fun to shoot because of the range of emotion, like these two frames from Jodies sister/maid of honors speech. 2016-07-24_023

I ADORE Jodies reaction to Matts brother/best man speech!!2016-07-24_024 PARTY TIME2016-07-24_025 2016-07-24_026 2016-07-24_027 2016-07-24_028 We snagged them for a few sunset shots, so gorgeous.  As Riley described, it was a sherbet sky. 2016-07-24_029 2016-07-24_030 2016-07-24_031 2016-07-24_032

Thank you guys for having us be a part of your day!



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