Claudia and Tony // Long Island Wedding Photographer // The View

Long Island is, vast…The View is a venue I had never been to before or even heard about.  But I love getting into a new place and see it in a new perspective.

Jessica and I started at the hotel with the couple early in the morning.

I really love this shot of Claudia getting ready, she’s got this amazing hair and these gorgeous eyes.

tricia laponte photography_001 tricia laponte photography_002

I told you, eyesssssstricia laponte photography_003 tricia laponte photography_004 Jessica started out with Tony, her groom prep is on point!tricia laponte photography_005

I mean…GQ baby!tricia laponte photography_006 tricia laponte photography_007This wedding was overflowing with detailstricia laponte photography_008 tricia laponte photography_009 tricia laponte photography_010 tricia laponte photography_011

I believe outside temp was about 100 degrees, in the middle of the day and they were troopers.  Everyone here had smiles on their faces throughout. tricia laponte photography_012 tricia laponte photography_013

We stole them for a few romantic shots, a mix of indoor (did I mention the 100 degrees?) and outdoor (because docks!)tricia laponte photography_014 tricia laponte photography_015 tricia laponte photography_016 tricia laponte photography_017

Thank you Claudia and Tony for having us be a part of your day!  tricia laponte photography_018 tricia laponte photography_019



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