Danielle and Ryan // Long Island Engagement Photographer

Long Island Wedding Photographers, Long Island Wedding Photography

I met Danielle and Ryan on a beautiful fall day for their engagement shoot on Long Island.

tricia-laponte-photography_115 tricia-laponte-photography_116 how adorable are they!?tricia-laponte-photography_117 tricia-laponte-photography_118 tricia-laponte-photography_119 Ryan showing Daniele the foot pop B]tricia-laponte-photography_120 These two could not contain their giggles with each other, which is my favorite emotion.tricia-laponte-photography_121 tricia-laponte-photography_122 tricia-laponte-photography_123 tricia-laponte-photography_124 tricia-laponte-photography_125 tricia-laponte-photography_126 tricia-laponte-photography_127 I love natural emotions and reactions to each other, these two sucked me into their joy.  I left the session with the biggest grin on my face, I can’t WAIT for their wedding!tricia-laponte-photography_128



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