Patti and Franks // Long Island Wedding Photographers // Insignia Steakhouse

Long Island Wedding Photographers, Long Island Wedding Photography

Patti and Frank got married on a gorgeous November morning at Insignia Steakhouse in Smithtown.  Be aware, I could barely select favorite for this post so it’s pretty photo heavy 🙂

I started out my day at Patti’s family home where Raffaella was putting the finishing touches on the gorgeous bride and her girls. So I got to work on some of the lovely details Patti put together.

tricia-laponte-photography_129 This adorable robe, embroidered with the brides new last name and wedding date, came from this Etsy shop, Embroidered by Cathy!tricia-laponte-photography_130 tricia-laponte-photography_131 Sisters, your first best friends. tricia-laponte-photography_132 How stunning is Patti?  She reminded me of a regal soap opera star 😀tricia-laponte-photography_133 tricia-laponte-photography_134 tricia-laponte-photography_135

My second shooter Jessica grabbed a few of Frank before the ceremony because Frank and Patti opted not to see each other before the ceremony.tricia-laponte-photography_152

Can you see how emotional they are to see each other.

tricia-laponte-photography_136 tricia-laponte-photography_137 tricia-laponte-photography_138 tricia-laponte-photography_139 Married!tricia-laponte-photography_140 I love the caricaturist! Such a fun thing for your guests!tricia-laponte-photography_141 Patti put so much thought into all the details which she sourced herself for the venue. tricia-laponte-photography_142 tricia-laponte-photography_143tricia-laponte-photography_145 GAH!  I love this ring shot!tricia-laponte-photography_144 tricia-laponte-photography_146Insignia Steakhouse is a unique location for weddings, it offers a beautiful challenge to utilize the space for portraits.  I love having the opportunity to give couples some dramatic shots as well as soft natural light ones. tricia-laponte-photography_147 tricia-laponte-photography_148 tricia-laponte-photography_149 tricia-laponte-photography_150 tricia-laponte-photography_151 The sweetness these two exude.  You just want to be in their presence all day.
tricia-laponte-photography_153 tricia-laponte-photography_154 As evident by the best man’s speech ❤ tricia-laponte-photography_155 Paaaaarrrttttyyyyy!tricia-laponte-photography_156 This crowd knew how to get down!tricia-laponte-photography_157 tricia-laponte-photography_158

Patti and her dad had a special first dance prepared.  They’d been taking lessons for MONTHS before the wedding.  See how her dress moved?  That was some serious boogeying.tricia-laponte-photography_159 Frank and his mom opted for a more traditional dance.  But the emotion got me like woah.tricia-laponte-photography_160 Seriously!  Stop being cute!tricia-laponte-photography_161

Congratulations!!! I hope you’re having a BLAST on your (much deserved) honeymoon!!



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