Danielle and Ryan // Long Island Wedding // Mediterranean Manor

When you wish upon a star…

Even miracles take a little time…

To infinity, and beyond!

You might wonder why I’m quoting Disney movies, but these are just some of the feelings that this couple stirs up.  In addition to being wildly sweet, adorable and just plain old giddy throughout their whole wedding process they are big fans of Disney! (you’ll see some touches sprinkled here and there.

My second for the day Scott headed to hang with the guys, while I was lucky enough to start my day with Danielle and her ladies.

tricia-laponte-photography_169 tricia-laponte-photography_170 tricia-laponte-photography_171 tricia-laponte-photography_172 tricia-laponte-photography_173 tricia-laponte-photography_174 tricia-laponte-photography_175 tricia-laponte-photography_176

Danielle and Ryan opted to have their first look at Islip Grange.  Super cute location!  And on this early February day, totally empty.  Ryan is…quite a bit taller than Danielle, so Scott and I had a little fun making her higher than him for their first look.tricia-laponte-photography_177

He had to look up at her for once ❤tricia-laponte-photography_178 tricia-laponte-photography_179 tricia-laponte-photography_180 tricia-laponte-photography_181 tricia-laponte-photography_182

Their bridal party was up for the silliness!  Loved working with them!!tricia-laponte-photography_183 tricia-laponte-photography_184 tricia-laponte-photography_185 tricia-laponte-photography_186


To the place it all began, and will cement their relationship forever, their church.tricia-laponte-photography_190tricia-laponte-photography_187tricia-laponte-photography_192 tricia-laponte-photography_188 tricia-laponte-photography_189
tricia-laponte-photography_193 A few more romantics from our time at the Grange.
tricia-laponte-photography_195 We headed over to Mediterranean Manor for their reception.
tricia-laponte-photography_197 tricia-laponte-photography_198 tricia-laponte-photography_199 tricia-laponte-photography_200 tricia-laponte-photography_201 tricia-laponte-photography_202 tricia-laponte-photography_203

It was so warm inside the venue from all the love and partying, Ryan and Danielle were happy to get outside for a little fresh air (and a few romantic night shots)


We then headed back inside to finish out the night partyingtricia-laponte-photography_204 tricia-laponte-photography_205 Thank you guys for having us as your guests 🙂 xoxo



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