Sarah and Adam // Northport Village // Engagement Session

My assistant/husband met up with Sarah and Adam on a perfectly gorgeous March day.  It was still a bit chilly but the sun was just enough to warm us up.  We met on the docks to start off our session and capture some yummy sunflare and backlighting (hi, my name is Tricia and I have a light chasing problem)

I mean, look at that backlight!   I love how these two let me drag them around to all my favorite spots in the village, (we literally walked around for close to 2 hours). Luckily we had plenty to talk about!  

How cute is this little shop?  Next door to this shop is a little cafe where we met the sweetest dog. And right by that little cafe is what used to be a bank but is now an art gallery, and the sun flare here made me stop in my tracks. But these two were up for anything and I just love how laid back and into it they were and willing to let me just get as much for them that I possibly could. 

I seriously think that Northport Village is one of the best places for an engagement shoot.  There are so many adorable nooks and crannies around the town if you know where to look.  And also, it’s incredibly dog friendly!

Thank you guys for bearing with me and being amazing models 🙂 I know you were nervous going into it but it didn’t show! I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks for your wedding!


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