Elena and Stephen // Mansion at Oyster Bay Wedding

To say that Elena and Stephen’s family and friends were excited for their wedding would be a severe understatement.  This wedding was described, during one of the many speeches, as the coming together of two families who have been intertwined for as long as anyone could remember and it was fate that these two should meet and bring the families officially together.

I began my day with Elena and her bridesmaids and family at her family home, from there we went to the church that both of them grew up in and from there off to the Mansion at Oyster Bay!

Everyone was excited the entire day, just happy smiles and tears.

It’s hard not to when you look at these two, it’s like no one else exists for either of them. Stephen makes Elena laugh and she keeps the energy light around her.  I’m so happy I was able to share this day with them and their family and friends!

There are so many amazing photos, posed and documented that I had a hard time picking and choosing what to put in this blog.  I chose mostly natural moments because they’re so genuine to who Elena and Stephen are and what their day was about.



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