Senefa and Steven // The Watermill Wedding

To say this day was hot would be doing the temperature that day and the cooperation of the wedding party a severe disservice.  To say it felt like we were on the sun would be more accurate.  It was approximately 110 degrees and even though we were all melting everyone was in it to have fun and be there for the lovely Senefa and Steven!

I love it when I walk into a bridal prep and the music is blasting and everyone is happy and loud and having a blast.  That’s exactly what was happening, everyone was laughing, cheering, dancing and singing while getting ready.  The energy was just amazing 🙂

After prep we headed over to the Watermill which has become a favorite venue of mine, they are always so accommodating even to the vendors in my experience and it just makes the day go so smoothly!

We went from the hotel to the venue and started doing all the portraits we could before the ceremony and without Steven seeing Senefa.

During the short ceremony (I did mention it was a million degrees) they exchanged  personal vows and jumped the broom.

We managed to find a sliver of shade and do all the bridal party photos as fast as possible before people started melting and popped S&S in for some alone time and portraits without all the beautiful chaos that had surrounded them until that point and give them a few moments to soak in being married!

Then the reception.  This was a nonstop party with some of the craziest dance moves I’ve witnessed, and there was actually a dance battle!  I’m so glad I was there to capture the fun! Also the amazing details all Disney themed were so cute and unique!  I loved that the escort cards coincided with the silhouette of 2 Disney characters for each table.

Congratulations S&S!  You two are cool customers 😉

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