Lisa and Ryan // Long Beach Mini Engagement Session

Lisa and Ryan’s wedding is coming up soon!

So I just had to get their adorable mini engagement session on the blog before their wedding at Bridgeview Yacht Club.

Ryan is a quiet guy, he seems to be constantly taking everything in while Lisa is outgoing and sweet.  Well, they’re both sweet. And you can feel it when you see the images of Ryan taking Lisa in his arms and just encapsulating her.  He steps back and let’s her shine ❤

I’m fairly easy to reach through email, so when clients email me I email them back as soon as I can (whereas with phone I have to wait for quiet time because of dogs/children and excessively loud cat).  So Lisa had been emailing me back and forth about her wedding, their timeline and general wedding nervousness.

I offered to have Lisa and Ryan come out to one of my mini session dates to do a short, simple getting to know you, engagement shoot so they would have an idea of what it’s like to get photographed.  It’s always nerve wracking leading up to getting photographed.  Clients are never sure if they are supposed to know what to do off the bat (you don’t) or what they’re going to look like once the photos are processed.

I totally understand!  I’m getting family photos done soon and am already panic stricken over what to wear and what it’ll look like.

So Lisa and Ryan came to the session and we just talked and got to know each other throughout the shoot and came out of it with beautiful portraits!

I’m so excited to be a part of  their wedding!

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3 thoughts on “Lisa and Ryan // Long Beach Mini Engagement Session

  1. Christine Plumley says:

    These really are beautiful images- I bet their wedding will be a breeze to photograph! If I’m ever in Long Island, you will be one of the top photographers I’m contacting!


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