Helen and Chris // Long Island Wedding Photographer // Oceanside NY




All adjectives that describe Helen and Chris and every soul that surrounds them.

Not only do they look like old timey movie stars but they are laid back and go with the flow types, but fun and lively.  Those two things don’t seem like they would go together but they do and it’s true about both of them.

From the calm but fun morning, to the energy filled family portraits and the off the wall dance party that happened during the reception, it had me feeling all the feels.

Helen stayed at an adorable AirBnB in Long Beach, which is where she and her glam squad, (some top notch makeup and hair persons who also happen to be amazing friends) started the day.  There was much discussion of bolder brows and bigger hair (which, yes OF COURSE) and then we were on our way to the venue for the first look, family portraits, ceremony and of course the reception!

At weddings, I always get caught up in listening to the speeches that their friends and family give.  It gives such an intimate and funny insight into who these people are that makes photographing their wedding so much more special.

Helen’s father gave a speech that highlighted how she and Chris met which essentially summed up to two souls who were like magnets and just came together.

Chris’ father gave a speech about how they became engaged, which was both hilarious and touching and showed how much these two families were excited to become one.

I actually follow Helen (and she me) on Instagram and being able to have that window into her day to day life made me feel as if I was photographing the wedding of a dear friend.  Thank you Helen and Chris for allowing me to document your day!

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