Amelia // Long Island Lifestyle Newborn Session

Lifestyle newborn sessions are one of my all time favorites. ¬†Possibly because I can relate with the stress and exhaustion since having one of my own, and also because babies are so squishy and cute I can’t believe part of my job allows me to snuggle them and capture these fleeting moments that pass so quickly.

Mer and her family are friends and neighbors of ours, their son and my son are best friends…they share of love of Thomas the Train like NO OTHER!

But quite frankly, I don’t know if I can be friends with someone who looks this gorgeous after giving birth ūüėČtricia-laponte-photography_085 Oh Lo, you are such an amazing big brother ‚̧tricia-laponte-photography_086 Baby. ¬†Details. Love.tricia-laponte-photography_087 tricia-laponte-photography_088 tricia-laponte-photography_089 tricia-laponte-photography_090 tricia-laponte-photography_091

Congrats you guys! ¬†And thank you for letting me capture this amazing moment in your lives ‚̧


Skylar // Lifestyle family and cake smash session

I’ve known Skylars mama since high school. We had a bunch of adventures and a lot of laughs. ¬†One adventure we never thought of in all those years was motherhood! ¬†I’m so glad I can capture these memories for her and her family ‚̧

tricia-laponte-photography_076 tricia-laponte-photography_077

The smiliest baby everrrrrrrtricia-laponte-photography_078

And her gorgeous big sister ‚̧tricia-laponte-photography_079 Sisterly love!tricia-laponte-photography_080 tricia-laponte-photography_081 tricia-laponte-photography_082 tricia-laponte-photography_083 tricia-laponte-photography_084

Annabelle // Long Island Family Session and Cake Smash


When one of your friends has a baby who has first birthday, you gotta smash the cake!

I got to hang out with the M family for a bit to capture the littlests first cake smash and a few family portraits. ¬†Some people might think, ooooh 3 year old twins AND a 1 year old…that’s a challenge. Me? ¬†LOVED IT!

The twins are spunky and smart, and Annabelle is just a ball of sweet mush ‚̧


I did get the “everyone look at the camera” photo as well…but this is real life and I love it and them.¬†tricia-laponte-photography_070tricia-laponte-photography_071 tricia-laponte-photography_072 tricia-laponte-photography_073 tricia-laponte-photography_074 tricia-laponte-photography_075