Rebecca and Chris // Wedding // Atlantis Marine World

You may recognize this couple from their awesome Montauk engagement shoot from a month back. This couple was cool as a cucumber, cracking jokes and just up for basically anything. I knew their wedding was going to be as much fun and amazing.
I haven’t been back to the Long Island Aquarium in about 2 years so the changes were just astounding, and beautiful.Tricia LaPonte Photography_175

Tricia LaPonte Photography_176

We then scurried (well Rebecca swaggered) down to the salt marsh bridge for a first look before we headed over to Rebecca’s choice location 🙂

Tricia LaPonte Photography_177

I love Chris’ expression, and when he asked her to twirl *swoon*

Tricia LaPonte Photography_178

Tricia LaPonte Photography_179

Tricia LaPonte Photography_180

Tricia LaPonte Photography_181

PENGUINS!  This penguins name was Pam and she was very well behaved.  She even dressed up for the occassion 😉

Tricia LaPonte Photography_182

Tricia LaPonte Photography_183

After the penguin introductions we made a quick survey of the property to snag some impromptu portraits before the ceremony

Tricia LaPonte Photography_184

Tricia LaPonte Photography_185


even though he saw her already, I could tell he was still in awe

Tricia LaPonte Photography_186

Tricia LaPonte Photography_187

Tricia LaPonte Photography_193

they wrote their own very personal vows.  When vows make you feel like you’ve known a couple forever, they done good

Tricia LaPonte Photography_188

Tricia LaPonte Photography_189

Tricia LaPonte Photography_190

Pastor April did an amazing job with the sermon, if I could have my wedding again I would totally have her do it.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_192

Tricia LaPonte Photography_196

Tricia LaPonte Photography_197

More portraits!  I love to give a variety to my couples if we have the time, and the light/couple/day/atmosphere was so gorgeous I just HAD to find the time

Tricia LaPonte Photography_198

Tricia LaPonte Photography_199

Tricia LaPonte Photography_200

These two are my absolute favorites

Tricia LaPonte Photography_201

Tricia LaPonte Photography_202

Her gorgeous girls

Tricia LaPonte Photography_203

and his cool cats, courtesy of my 2nd shooter Charles

Tricia LaPonte Photography_204

The cocktail hour took place in the actual aquarium so guests could visit the fish >O

Tricia LaPonte Photography_205

Rebecca has a penchant for Hello Kitty, so adorable

Tricia LaPonte Photography_206

Tricia LaPonte Photography_207

Hi buddy!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_208

Hey now!  These were some entrances!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_209

Tricia LaPonte Photography_210

Tricia LaPonte Photography_211

Tricia LaPonte Photography_212

Tricia LaPonte Photography_213

Tricia LaPonte Photography_214

Tricia LaPonte Photography_215

And what wedding wouldn’t be complete without touching/funny/personal speeches?

Tricia LaPonte Photography_216

Tricia LaPonte Photography_217

Tricia LaPonte Photography_218

Tricia LaPonte Photography_219

Tricia LaPonte Photography_220

Tricia LaPonte Photography_221

The grooms cake

Tricia LaPonte Photography_222

I adore sweet father/daughter dances…and Rebecca got two!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_223

Tricia LaPonte Photography_224

cake time!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_225

Tricia LaPonte Photography_226

Mr and Mrs Boo, I hope you had as much fun as I did (and from the looks of it you did)  Congratulations!!

Dante’s Christening

Dante’s family had his christening at Our Lady of Peace church in Lynbrook, NY.  Once you get into the images, you will see this kid has THE most gorgeous eyes, eyelashes for DAYS  (mom and dad look amazing too)I had little room to move around because there were 8 babies (!! I know!!) getting christened.  A whole lot of holy 😉  They then had the most gorgeous party for him at the New Hyde Park Inn.  I stole mom and dad away for a bit for a few photos, and then Dante was so tired from all the excitement he fell asleep in grandmas arms.  He is one loved baby ❤

I mean, those eyes!  And the light was perfect for family portraits outside, just slightly overcast.  The sweetest images for last.

Christian’s Christening

I had never been to a Greek Orthodox baptism, let alone photograph one but I assumed it was similar to a Roman Catholic christening. Was I WRONG. My husband was baptized as Greek Orthodox when he was a baby, so I now know what went through. The ceremony is long and steeped with tradition and grandeur.  The ceremony took place at The Archangel Michael Church in Port Washington, NY.

We started outside for a few family portraits.

Notice the little man is not yet in his christening garb

 The ceremony starts in the back of the church, and then makes its way to the front.  The priest speaks in both english and greek which just really helps create a magical moment.

Then the parents (Jen and Evan : ) take the little man to the back and undress him for the baptism.

They COMPLETELY immerse the baby in the holy water!  But little Christian didn’t cry a peep!  What a trooper!

Then the baby (newly dressed in his white outfit) is handed over to his godparents for the remainder of the ceremony…kind of 🙂

In order to get their son “back” the parents have to kiss the hand of the godparents.  The father’s mom pulled me aside to make sure I got THE shot.

Jen was the trooper

Evan not so much, LOL

The newly christened little Christian

This family was amazing, the amount of moments I was able to capture…I was so happy to be a part of it.

V’s Christening: Long Island Event Photographer

Patience is a virtue, especially when you are photographing babies.  They are curious and wiggly and when you mix that in with a lot of happiness you get this little guy.  Kristin and Rich’s little bundle of joy was getting christened, and I was honored and priviledged to be allowed to capture this special moment for their little family.  This was the face that greeted me when I came into the house.  Isn’t he the cutest?!

Mom and baby shared a special moment while fueling up for the big day!

Someone was VERY interested in my camera 🙂

Getting dressed by his godmom, and entertained by his cousin.

The happy family at the end of the service 🙂 Thank you guys for letting me share in your day!  (and the rain held out…for the most part : )

A Long Island Christening: Long Island Event Photographer

A friend and fellow photographer called and asked me to photograph her daughters christening, I was humbled and honored to do it!

This little dress has been in her family for 40 years…


The baby was so good and just soaked in all that was going on around her

A sweet moment between brother and sister

It was a tiny church and a tight squeeze, but I got creative to get the shot of the baby being christened *phew*

so much love ❤

Congratulations baby “I” on being christened and having quite the loving family