Nichols Family // Lifestyle Family // Long Island Family Photographer

I met Steven and Larissa way back before they were even married.  I shot their engagement session twice because I enjoyed working with them so much that when I wanted to try out a new location I knew they would be up for it and we’d have a blast.

Then their wedding, which flew by it hardly felt like a days work but like I was a guest.

Now, they are leaving Long Island for bigger and better things, and to raise their adorable son!

I was so happy to capture them while they were still here!

Initially the idea was to go to a Long Island landmark and take photos to show their son, Carter, where his life started out.  Unfortunately, weather and a not even two year old in a new place don’t always mix.

The temp dropped dramatically from the time we parked to the time we walked to the first stop.

I managed to get a few frames and one epically perfect family portrait.

Can you even get over those eyes though?

But I wanted to do this family justice, so I offered to go to their Long Island home while they were still here and do a lifestyle session to show Carter where he lived while he was a New Yorker.

Aren’t they the sweetest? Such a little smooshy man ❤

Congratulations on your move guys!  I wish you all the best on your new life adventure!!

S Family // Extended Session // Long Island Family Photographer

I got a last minute S.O.S from Emily for an extended family session at her in laws house…because everyone was flying in from EVERYWHERE and they had one shot to fit it in!!

I’m so glad I was able to capture this family all together since they live on opposite sides of the country 🙂

long island family photographer

long island family photographer

tricia-laponte-photography_059 tricia-laponte-photography_060 tricia-laponte-photography_061 tricia-laponte-photography_062 tricia-laponte-photography_063 tricia-laponte-photography_064

L Family // Lifestyle Newborn and Family Session // Long Island Family Photographer

When another photographer/friend asks you to photograph her family it’s nerve wracking.  But, then she has the biggest smiliest family ever and all the nerves go bye bye 🙂

Connie and her fam welcomed their newest baby boy and I had the pleasure of hanging with them to capture the new clan. 2016-05-11_001 2016-05-11_002


Always have to get the new parents with the new addition2016-05-11_004 The sweetest

Older brothers need snuggles too2016-05-11_007 2016-05-11_008

Thanks for the honor of having me shoot your family!

Lynch Family // Long Island Family Photographer // Nassau County

Can I just say how much I love fall?  Like, pumpkin all the things, cooler weather and gorgeous colors.

I also LOVE when photographers I like and respect ask me to shoot their families.  Connie is a transplant from Pennsylvania to Long Island with her military husband. 2015-09-25_010 2015-09-25_011

I brought some vintage cameras with me as props for the session.2015-09-25_012

I absolutely adore this family photograph.  I pretty much need one just like this. 2015-09-25_013Connie is possibly the most joyous person I’ve ever met.
2015-09-25_014And positively gorgeous2015-09-25_015Vintage selfie!2015-09-25_016 2015-09-25_017How cute is this blondie!  Love these!2015-09-25_018

Thank you guys, for your service and for the fun 🙂

The Z family // Family Session // Long Island Family Photographer

I’ve worked at the same place with Morgan for about 6 years.  We chat through Twitter, I laugh at her use of the English language and the slightly twisted way she sees the world.  I was honored to photograph her maternity session and soooo glad she volunteered to check out a new location with me and of course her family.

2015-09-25_001 2015-09-25_002

Her husband Joe is quite the character.  Like, I’m sarcastic but, he’s got me beat 10 times over.  2015-09-25_003 2015-09-25_004 2015-09-25_005

I love the curiosity of childhood2015-09-25_006 2015-09-25_007 2015-09-25_008

NOM NOM NOM!  thanks for being (delicious) and willing participants 🙂2015-09-25_009

Cindy’s Maternity Session // Lifestyle & Bethpage State Park

Cindy and her hubby invited me into their home to grab a few photos before we headed out to the park, (I almost said shots here, but this being a maternity session I thought that might evoke some wrong imagery);)

Tricia LaPonte Photography_359

Tricia LaPonte Photography_360

Love all their wedding photos!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_361

Look at this delicious soft light in the babies room!  It’s almost ready little dude.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_362

Tricia LaPonte Photography_363

We headed out to the park because, hi it was January and almost 50 degrees it would be a complete waste not to!  And the light…ooooooh the light!

I love Cindy’s smile, that one on the left so sweet 🙂

Tricia LaPonte Photography_364

Tricia LaPonte Photography_365

Cindy’s husband John was so sweet during the session “whatever you want” whenever I asked him to do something.

Perfect husband!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_366

Hello gorgeous!

Tricia LaPonte Photography_367

Like I said, delicious light.

Tricia LaPonte Photography_368

Congrats you two!  Baby N is soooo lucky to have you guys waiting for his arrival!