Lee and Anthony // Citifield Wedding // Long Island Wedding Photographer

Having known Lee since high school, she’s always been sweet and kind.  Not much has changed in the 20 years since we graduated!  When she contacted me to photograph her wedding to Anthony it was touching to know I was being entrusted to capture these moments for them.

We started with a first look with the whole family present on these grand steps inside Citifield. tricia laponte photography_330tricia laponte photography_331

We then moved onto walking around the entire stadium for portraitstricia laponte photography_332tricia laponte photography_333tricia laponte photography_334tricia laponte photography_335tricia laponte photography_336tricia laponte photography_337tricia laponte photography_338tricia laponte photography_339tricia laponte photography_329tricia laponte photography_340tricia laponte photography_341tricia laponte photography_342

I loved all the personal details with the baseball theme. tricia laponte photography_343tricia laponte photography_344tricia laponte photography_345

tricia laponte photography_346

Their ceremony was performed by the one and only Pastor April who manages to make every single ceremony special and unique and fitting for each couple. tricia laponte photography_347

Congratulations Lee and Anthony!  Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your day.  You guys are each others puzzle pieces ❤tricia laponte photography_348


Brianne and Bryan // Queens County Farm Museum // Long Island Wedding Photographer

Low key, sweet, and fun.  Three words you could use to describe either Brianne and Bryan or their wedding, or both!

You might recognize Brianne from Kelly and Tim’s wedding this past June!  I was so happy to work with this family again and knew they would be a blast to work with!

Brianne and Bryan had their wedding reception at Queens County Farm Museum, it was amazing to have the run of the place especially on such a gorgeous fall-esque evening.

We started at Brianne’s parents house where Brianne and Bryan both got ready and had their first look.

You know you have a fantastic sister in law when she helps get a bug out of your tulle I’ve been playing with prisms this year, I love the effect I got on these portraits.  I’m so happy that they allowed me to “drag” them out of their cocktail hour for this shot.  The clouds were ominous looking and I just knew it would make for an epic image.  This light is drool worthy

Congratulations you guys!  I’m so glad I was able to celebrate with you twice this year!!

Baby Andrew // Long Island Newborn Photographer // Lifestyle

Lifestyle newborn photography is something I love to incorporate in my work.  Being able to capture this new life in their new environment is raw, and echos the photojournalistic vibe I always strive for.

I was lucky enough to meet baby Andrew for his first official photoshoot!  Their dog Cinnamon is their first baby so OF COURSE she had to be included! This glow worm was mommy’s so OF COURSE we had to get in a snuggle shot.  This is one of my favs from the session, Cinnamon just naturally came over to see what was up.  Hands on hands on hands. 

I was so happy to meet you guys!  Welcome baby Andrew!

Kelly and Tim’s Beach Wedding // Sunny Atlantic Beach Club // Long Island Wedding Photographer

After what seemed like a month of rain, Kelly and Tim’s wedding in early June turned out to be a cloudless perfect sunny day.  I started off with the ladies at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach, NY.  We started with a relaxed atmosphere of the ladies getting ready, popping some champagne and giggling with the flower girl .

We headed out to the boardwalk for a few shots before they boarded the bus from Camelot Limos to head over to Sunny Atlantic for the best part of the day!


My girl Kamila was with the boys for a short while at Tim’s family home in Franklin Square.  After the ceremony we headed down to the beach for a few more bridal party photos and the all important romantics! I may have literally been up to my knees in the ocean for some of these photos 🙂

Kelly, beyond gorgeous! The staff at Sunny Atlantic was so accommodating to allow me access to the cake before they were actually ready to bring it out!  Thank you guys! ❤ Congratulations you guys!

Kristin and Shawn // Long Island Engagement // Robert Moses

Kristin and I had initially met on FaceTime and got so excited talking about all the wedding plans that her battery ran out before we had the chance to finish going over everything!

After 2 failed attempts to schedule our engagement shoot, this last minute meet up turned out to be magical.  Just wait until you see that sunset!  I can’t wait for their wedding this September!

Kristin is the sort of person, that once you speak to her you feel as though you are in her inner circle.  Shawn is a regular jokester who had me laughing our whole shoot.

COMING SOON! Kristin and Shawn’s Robert Moses Engagement Session

Catching up on blogging soon, (I’m one whole session behind :-O ) but wanted to share this one image before I get the whole blog post together and uploaded.  I can’t wait for their wedding at Gantry Park this September!

I’m obsessed with this frame from Kristin and Shawn’s engagement session at Robert Moses beach, we reached the beach JUST IN TIME for this glorious sunset.

Kelly and Patrick // Bridgeview Yacht Club // Long Island Wedding

As a Long Island Wedding Photographer, I LOVE photographing all types of weddings; traditional, off beat, low key, and huge elaborate events.

For Kelly and Patrick they went traditional route!

What’s more traditional; a church wedding with a bubble exit and vintage touches (including the bouquet style!), or a couple of Rockaway kids making sure they make it to the beach on their wedding day no matter what!

I love photographing weddings because they always keep me on my toes, rain?  No problem!

Kelly and Patrick got married on a fickle March day, and with all the ups and downs of the day you could see the peace these two have whenever they were near each other.

Kelly started out her day with her bridesmaids at her family home, while Patrick was at his parents. Going through all the images from this day, it was so hard to select favorites for the blog.  There were so many genuine moments, awesome details and classic imagery like Kelly walking down the aisle towards Patrick.

I also broke out my new prism to play during prep

I absolutely love this image, it feels so timeless and pure happiness captured in one frame.  What troopers!  It was about 50 degrees, windy and raining all the while they went along with our ideas and had smiles on their faces.  Their venue was Bridgeview Yacht Club but we were able to use the interior of The Loft for a few quiet moments.

Congratulations Kelly and Patrick!


Dress- The Henley, by Blue by Enzoani 
Shoes- Wonder by Jenny Packham for Davids Bridal
Veil- Custom Made by Ally’s Bridal, Hoboken, NJ
Bridesmaids- Desey dresses
Tux- Davids Bridal

Danielle and Ryan // Long Island Wedding // Mediterranean Manor

When you wish upon a star…

Even miracles take a little time…

To infinity, and beyond!

You might wonder why I’m quoting Disney movies, but these are just some of the feelings that this couple stirs up.  In addition to being wildly sweet, adorable and just plain old giddy throughout their whole wedding process they are big fans of Disney! (you’ll see some touches sprinkled here and there.

My second for the day Scott headed to hang with the guys, while I was lucky enough to start my day with Danielle and her ladies.

tricia-laponte-photography_169 tricia-laponte-photography_170 tricia-laponte-photography_171 tricia-laponte-photography_172 tricia-laponte-photography_173 tricia-laponte-photography_174 tricia-laponte-photography_175 tricia-laponte-photography_176

Danielle and Ryan opted to have their first look at Islip Grange.  Super cute location!  And on this early February day, totally empty.  Ryan is…quite a bit taller than Danielle, so Scott and I had a little fun making her higher than him for their first look.tricia-laponte-photography_177

He had to look up at her for once ❤tricia-laponte-photography_178 tricia-laponte-photography_179 tricia-laponte-photography_180 tricia-laponte-photography_181 tricia-laponte-photography_182

Their bridal party was up for the silliness!  Loved working with them!!tricia-laponte-photography_183 tricia-laponte-photography_184 tricia-laponte-photography_185 tricia-laponte-photography_186


To the place it all began, and will cement their relationship forever, their church.tricia-laponte-photography_190tricia-laponte-photography_187tricia-laponte-photography_192 tricia-laponte-photography_188 tricia-laponte-photography_189
tricia-laponte-photography_193 A few more romantics from our time at the Grange.
tricia-laponte-photography_195 We headed over to Mediterranean Manor for their reception.
tricia-laponte-photography_197 tricia-laponte-photography_198 tricia-laponte-photography_199 tricia-laponte-photography_200 tricia-laponte-photography_201 tricia-laponte-photography_202 tricia-laponte-photography_203

It was so warm inside the venue from all the love and partying, Ryan and Danielle were happy to get outside for a little fresh air (and a few romantic night shots)


We then headed back inside to finish out the night partyingtricia-laponte-photography_204 tricia-laponte-photography_205 Thank you guys for having us as your guests 🙂 xoxo