Baby Andrew // Long Island Newborn Photographer // Lifestyle

Lifestyle newborn photography is something I love to incorporate in my work.  Being able to capture this new life in their new environment is raw, and echos the photojournalistic vibe I always strive for.

I was lucky enough to meet baby Andrew for his first official photoshoot!  Their dog Cinnamon is their first baby so OF COURSE she had to be included! This glow worm was mommy’s so OF COURSE we had to get in a snuggle shot.  This is one of my favs from the session, Cinnamon just naturally came over to see what was up.  Hands on hands on hands. 

I was so happy to meet you guys!  Welcome baby Andrew!


S Family // Extended Session // Long Island Family Photographer

I got a last minute S.O.S from Emily for an extended family session at her in laws house…because everyone was flying in from EVERYWHERE and they had one shot to fit it in!!

I’m so glad I was able to capture this family all together since they live on opposite sides of the country 🙂

long island family photographer

long island family photographer

tricia-laponte-photography_059 tricia-laponte-photography_060 tricia-laponte-photography_061 tricia-laponte-photography_062 tricia-laponte-photography_063 tricia-laponte-photography_064

The Z family // Family Session // Long Island Family Photographer

I’ve worked at the same place with Morgan for about 6 years.  We chat through Twitter, I laugh at her use of the English language and the slightly twisted way she sees the world.  I was honored to photograph her maternity session and soooo glad she volunteered to check out a new location with me and of course her family.

2015-09-25_001 2015-09-25_002

Her husband Joe is quite the character.  Like, I’m sarcastic but, he’s got me beat 10 times over.  2015-09-25_003 2015-09-25_004 2015-09-25_005

I love the curiosity of childhood2015-09-25_006 2015-09-25_007 2015-09-25_008

NOM NOM NOM!  thanks for being (delicious) and willing participants 🙂2015-09-25_009

Huntington Village// Family Portraits // Long Island

Sometimes, it’s not about the location but the spaces you can find in ANY location.  That’s what happened with this session.  After I finished with their stylized Christmas PJ session with Hannah Anderson pjs, we headed out.  Jenna asked me where I thought we should go, a park or something and I said let’s just drive through the village and see what we see.  Well, I saw this one wall covered in ivy and a few other nooks and crannies.

I love the images from this session!  As a wedding photographer, you have to think on your toes and sometimes when I shoot portraits the location is preplanned out.  It was nice to be able to mix the two genres and go with the flow.

20141130-IMG_8423 20141130-IMG_8417

20141130-IMG_8355  20141130-IMG_8408 20141130-IMG_8395 20141130-IMG_8349 20141130-IMG_8360 20141130-IMG_8365