Danielle and Ryan // Long Island Engagement Photographer

I met Danielle and Ryan on a beautiful fall day for their engagement shoot on Long Island.

tricia-laponte-photography_115 tricia-laponte-photography_116 how adorable are they!?tricia-laponte-photography_117 tricia-laponte-photography_118 tricia-laponte-photography_119 Ryan showing Daniele the foot pop B]tricia-laponte-photography_120 These two could not contain their giggles with each other, which is my favorite emotion.tricia-laponte-photography_121 tricia-laponte-photography_122 tricia-laponte-photography_123 tricia-laponte-photography_124 tricia-laponte-photography_125 tricia-laponte-photography_126 tricia-laponte-photography_127 I love natural emotions and reactions to each other, these two sucked me into their joy.  I left the session with the biggest grin on my face, I can’t WAIT for their wedding!tricia-laponte-photography_128

Riley’s Newborn Session // Lifestyle Newborn Photographer // Long Island

Riley was 2 weeks new what he made his photography debut, fortunately for him his big brother was a natural ham for the camera.

(big HUGE shout out to my new assistant Becca for her amazing skills at this session)
tricia-laponte-photography_103 tricia-laponte-photography_104

This family was so easy breezy to shoot.  tricia-laponte-photography_105

I just, sigh…I love natural moments. tricia-laponte-photography_106

How sweet are these guys?  Also how adorable is Kate just 2 weeks after having a bebe?!! GORGEOUS I tell ya!tricia-laponte-photography_107 A little daddy bonding time. tricia-laponte-photography_108 tricia-laponte-photography_109 tricia-laponte-photography_110 tricia-laponte-photography_111 I love how moms can’t kiss their babies heads enough, it just makes my heart swell. tricia-laponte-photography_112 tricia-laponte-photography_113 When big brother is done, you just roll with it. tricia-laponte-photography_114

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Anyone catch the title?  No? (reference will be posted at the bottom of this post if you didn’t catch it😉 ), this isn’t actual hell, BUT, it is busy season.

In between weddings, engagement sessions, family and newborn sessions as well as the upcoming holiday minis I’ve managed to snag a few days with my family adventuring around Long Island and beyond.

I don’t post a lot of personal posts, but I’m all caught up (I think?!) on blog and the laptop is hot and ready so I thought I would share a few snaps from our fall adventures.  Fall being my MOST FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!!

tricia-laponte-photography_092 tricia-laponte-photography_093 tricia-laponte-photography_094 tricia-laponte-photography_095 tricia-laponte-photography_096 tricia-laponte-photography_097 tricia-laponte-photography_098

Why yes, my kid is practicing to be Zoolandertricia-laponte-photography_099 tricia-laponte-photography_100 tricia-laponte-photography_101

Headless Horseman Bridge!!tricia-laponte-photography_102The answer is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, first episode of the series🙂 If you haven’t watched it yet, go!  Try it!  I promise you it’s awesome.  And now you have a bit of trivia you didn’t before, you’re welcome!