Sarah and Adam // Three Village Inn // Fall Wedding Photographer

There are so many venues on Long Island, I’m quite sure I have not seen them all.  But I do love Three Village Inn.  It’s quaint and cute and wonderfully intimate.

They have cottages on the grounds that couples can stay in for their wedding and get ready in so they aren’t burdened with renting limousines to get to and fro.

Sarah and Adam both chose to get ready at the cottages, as well as have a first look so we had plenty of time for romantics in different locations.  With the help of my second shooter Connie we made the most of what little October light we had.

Sarah you are the sweetest, and also a complete rock star.  This lovely lady broke her toe and STILL rocked a pair of heels.

I love the ceremony of a ketubah, and this was one of the most emotional ones I’ve had the pleasure of documenting.

Family pictures!  I always hope these grace familial walls for generations, hung next to their own childrens and grandchildrens.

It is possible to have a ceremony at night, we just bring it with us!


Like I said, we had a lot of time to do romantics around the property.  Sarah brought along this gorgeous red pashima to cuddle up in.  It was October after all and evenings got crisp quick. Sarah’s mom also rented a golf cart to transport them around (I did mention the broken toe right?) but they are also avid golfers!

Oh man, the horah.  As a photographer you either get in it or miss it! And the chair lift, haha Sarah they won’t drop you!

There were endearing and funny speeches, lots of dancing and celebrating.  And then it was over in a flash!  I hope these images help you relive it.

Happy anniversary!!


Lisa & Ryan // Long Island Wedding Photographer // Bridgeview Yacht Club

Bridgeview Yacht Club is one of my favorite venues to work at, the staff really treats you like a part of the team which makes the whole process so much less stressful on all of us!

Lisa and Ryan got married on a gorgeous fall day, just enough warmth in the air to take photos outside, with that delicious golden light right during their first look.

Lisa and Ryan were completely go with the flow, no matter what happened.  There is a saying I’ve seen around the net recently “If it all goes to hell, if you married your best friend, then it all went perfectly” . I love that, because it’s truly the crux of what everyone is there for.

I simply could not stop shooting in that gorgeous light, both from the sun and from these two looking at each other!

I posted so many teasers just from their first look, I couldn’t help myself!  Can you look at that sun light?!

Check out Bridgeview if you’re looking for a venue! x Congrats Lisa and Ryan!  Thank you so much for having me part of your day!

Lydia and Elan // Long Beach Elopement Photographer // Alegria Hotel Wedding Photography

Lydia and Elan surrounded themselves with their closest family and friends to seal their relationship in a beautiful elopement/wedding ceremony.

Everything about the day was highly personal to them, and beautifully done.

Elan made the chuppah under which they took their vows.

They walked each other down the aisle and their children stood up for them as witness.

Everything about their wedding was unique to them and simply lovely (as are they).

I love the adorable way they stole glances at each other, and gravitate towards each other throughout the day.  The way Lydia looks at Elan during the ceremony, you wouldn’t guess that they have been together for 9 years…it’s the sweetest thing that keeps their relationship looking fresh.

Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer at Allegria in Long Beach!

Helen and Chris // Long Island Wedding Photographer // Oceanside NY




All adjectives that describe Helen and Chris and every soul that surrounds them.

Not only do they look like old timey movie stars but they are laid back and go with the flow types, but fun and lively.  Those two things don’t seem like they would go together but they do and it’s true about both of them.

From the calm but fun morning, to the energy filled family portraits and the off the wall dance party that happened during the reception, it had me feeling all the feels.

Helen stayed at an adorable AirBnB in Long Beach, which is where she and her glam squad, (some top notch makeup and hair persons who also happen to be amazing friends) started the day.  There was much discussion of bolder brows and bigger hair (which, yes OF COURSE) and then we were on our way to the venue for the first look, family portraits, ceremony and of course the reception!

At weddings, I always get caught up in listening to the speeches that their friends and family give.  It gives such an intimate and funny insight into who these people are that makes photographing their wedding so much more special.

Helen’s father gave a speech that highlighted how she and Chris met which essentially summed up to two souls who were like magnets and just came together.

Chris’ father gave a speech about how they became engaged, which was both hilarious and touching and showed how much these two families were excited to become one.

I actually follow Helen (and she me) on Instagram and being able to have that window into her day to day life made me feel as if I was photographing the wedding of a dear friend.  Thank you Helen and Chris for allowing me to document your day!

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Lisa and Ryan // Long Beach Mini Engagement Session

Lisa and Ryan’s wedding is coming up soon!

So I just had to get their adorable mini engagement session on the blog before their wedding at Bridgeview Yacht Club.

Ryan is a quiet guy, he seems to be constantly taking everything in while Lisa is outgoing and sweet.  Well, they’re both sweet. And you can feel it when you see the images of Ryan taking Lisa in his arms and just encapsulating her.  He steps back and let’s her shine ❤

I’m fairly easy to reach through email, so when clients email me I email them back as soon as I can (whereas with phone I have to wait for quiet time because of dogs/children and excessively loud cat).  So Lisa had been emailing me back and forth about her wedding, their timeline and general wedding nervousness.

I offered to have Lisa and Ryan come out to one of my mini session dates to do a short, simple getting to know you, engagement shoot so they would have an idea of what it’s like to get photographed.  It’s always nerve wracking leading up to getting photographed.  Clients are never sure if they are supposed to know what to do off the bat (you don’t) or what they’re going to look like once the photos are processed.

I totally understand!  I’m getting family photos done soon and am already panic stricken over what to wear and what it’ll look like.

So Lisa and Ryan came to the session and we just talked and got to know each other throughout the shoot and came out of it with beautiful portraits!

I’m so excited to be a part of  their wedding!

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Senefa and Steven // The Watermill Wedding

To say this day was hot would be doing the temperature that day and the cooperation of the wedding party a severe disservice.  To say it felt like we were on the sun would be more accurate.  It was approximately 110 degrees and even though we were all melting everyone was in it to have fun and be there for the lovely Senefa and Steven!

I love it when I walk into a bridal prep and the music is blasting and everyone is happy and loud and having a blast.  That’s exactly what was happening, everyone was laughing, cheering, dancing and singing while getting ready.  The energy was just amazing 🙂

After prep we headed over to the Watermill which has become a favorite venue of mine, they are always so accommodating even to the vendors in my experience and it just makes the day go so smoothly!

We went from the hotel to the venue and started doing all the portraits we could before the ceremony and without Steven seeing Senefa.

During the short ceremony (I did mention it was a million degrees) they exchanged  personal vows and jumped the broom.

We managed to find a sliver of shade and do all the bridal party photos as fast as possible before people started melting and popped S&S in for some alone time and portraits without all the beautiful chaos that had surrounded them until that point and give them a few moments to soak in being married!

Then the reception.  This was a nonstop party with some of the craziest dance moves I’ve witnessed, and there was actually a dance battle!  I’m so glad I was there to capture the fun! Also the amazing details all Disney themed were so cute and unique!  I loved that the escort cards coincided with the silhouette of 2 Disney characters for each table.

Congratulations S&S!  You two are cool customers 😉

Elena and Stephen // Mansion at Oyster Bay Wedding

To say that Elena and Stephen’s family and friends were excited for their wedding would be a severe understatement.  This wedding was described, during one of the many speeches, as the coming together of two families who have been intertwined for as long as anyone could remember and it was fate that these two should meet and bring the families officially together.

I began my day with Elena and her bridesmaids and family at her family home, from there we went to the church that both of them grew up in and from there off to the Mansion at Oyster Bay!

Everyone was excited the entire day, just happy smiles and tears.

It’s hard not to when you look at these two, it’s like no one else exists for either of them. Stephen makes Elena laugh and she keeps the energy light around her.  I’m so happy I was able to share this day with them and their family and friends!

There are so many amazing photos, posed and documented that I had a hard time picking and choosing what to put in this blog.  I chose mostly natural moments because they’re so genuine to who Elena and Stephen are and what their day was about.