Baby Margaret Lifestyle Newborn Session

After Margaret’s newborn session I felt as if I were indoctrinated into the family.  Within this family/friend unit I have photographed 3 of their babies, one extended family session and will be shooting a wedding this month!  Every single person I have met belonging to this group of people have been the most open/heartfelt individuals.  I am so lucky that they chose me, I feel like I won the greatest prize to have them as my clients!

Baby Margarets mom Liz contacted me about shooting her newborn session, she wanted to be able to capture all that newness in a relaxed setting and in their home where they started their family.

Baby lips and toes ❤

I love to get different angles and natural expressions and these guys did not disappoint.

Black and white and full of love

A special request, momma reading Jane Eyre to Margaret.


Allyson and Meghan’s Wedding // Bellport Country Club

If you follow my blog you may have seen the one where I opened up about a medical emergency my family and I went through, if not you can check it out here.

Not being able to be there for a wedding of mine was one of the most stressful moments of my life. I was so lucky to have my friends Marie and Leslie step up to the plate and take care of these beautiful brides on their wedding day.  It’s an action plan I never wanted to ever use but am so grateful I have one in place so that my couples do not have to stress out.

One thing Ally and Meghan said in their initial contact with me was that they wanted someone to capture their easygoing fun vibe.  I don’t think they tried hard enough to hide it or make Leslie and Marie really work at finding it.  It was right there on their faces all day.

Leslie started her day with Ally, I love her ability to capture the laidback environment that she was able to capture.  Ally opted to wear a suit with a gorgeous paisley interior.

I’m digging these amazing vignettesAlly, A+ darling Marie started with Meghan and her bridal party.  I love the lace detail in her dress. Marie said that Meghan was just beaming the entire day, and it shows.  She has an amazing smile. gah-orgeousThe joy, anticipation radiating off this imageAlly and Meghan opted to do a first look before all the craziness took over the day.  Lookit how sweet they are!  Marie and Leslie took a few moments to take some romantic images to take advantage of daylight and before the snow storm set in (more on that later)Could you die at the sweetness.  I love these 2 images.  So genuine. The smiles never left their faces all day.  Seriously, check out the rest of the photos.  Not one single time were they without these infectious smiles.
They then moved the group inside to get some bridal party photos.  I can only imagine the ridiculous fun that ensued to get these photos.  I wish I were there! It was then onto the ceremony. These two were perfectly meant to be together. It’s obvious from the joy emanates off of every single person there is something special.   I love the simplistic touches and the Christmassy theme for the reception.  Party time!  Excellent! Not happy at all, nope Leslie and Marie stole the lovely couple away for a few night shots.   And the snow!  Talk about magical.
This is by far my favorite image (taken by Marie)  Congratulations Ally and Meghan, I am so grateful you entrusted me to be your photographer and so wish I could have been there!  I

Personal Post // Life Update

I very rarely make personal posts public, but I wanted to address something that affects 1:4.

December 1st I photographed Martina and Brandon’s wedding. I went home, took a shower, backed up my cards, and went to bed.  Around 3am I rolled over onto my left side and woke up in excruciating pain.  It felt like I was filled with gas and it hurt from my stomach to my clavical.  I spent the remainder of the night feeling like maybe I had caught a terrible stomach flu, but after passing out in the hallway, I began to suspect that it might be something more.

*me at Martina and Brandon’s wedding less that 24 hours before all hell broke loose.

My husband took my son for a playdate to give me some peace and quiet so I could rest, but I couldn’t get comfortable.  I was concerned about the amount of pain I was in, but also felt if I went to the ER they would tell me it was just gas or something else trivial.  I started Googling my symptoms and came across something that seemed to match.  Ectopic pregnancy.  I happened to have an old test in my bathroom and took it.  It came up positive immediately.

I called my husband saying that he needed to come home, we needed to go to urgent care or the hospital. I was still in disbelief that something could actually be critically wrong with me, I was just fine yesterday!

We live fairly close to South Nassau hospital, so off we went.  At this point it just hurt to sit, stand and lay.  I was quickly admitted and I was being tested for a variety of things.  I was still 50% sure they were going to send me home with tums.

We were behind a curtain and I was trying to breath through the pain while also keeping my then 4 year old entertained and calm when suddenly 5 or 6 people came running through the curtain shouting all sorts of things I, at the time, didn’t understand.

Type A+, tachycardic, hypotensive, laparotomy…

I was put on 2 iv fluid bags as well as blood.

At this point I looked at my husband and said, call your parents and have them pick up Nathan.  So a gigantic thank you to them for getting there in 10 minutes (East Meadow to Oceanside) and, calmly and quickly, taking Nate for a sleepover.

I was then rushed from my curtain in the ER to one in the general area.  There was a lot of activity and shouting and people asking me and my husband a million questions, some of them the same, and lots of forms to sign.

I was told that I needed emergency surgery to repair damage done by ruptured ectopic pregnancy.  Meaning that a fertilized egg implanted in my fallopian tube instead of my uterus, which is not where it’s supposed to go, and it ruptured filling my entire trunk with blood.  Essentially, I was bleeding out internally.

Before I was even in the surgical wing I had received 3 blood transfusions.

Everything happened so fast, one moment I was in the ER the next I was in surgery.

I woke up and was moved to the maternity ward.  At this point I still didn’t understand the gravity of my situation.  I was just annoyed at the inconvenience it had caused in my life and all I could concentrate on was the fact that I had my final wedding of the season on December 9th.

I was told by 3 doctors that would not happen and I should tell the couple asap. But, I’m stubborn and didn’t want to let my clients down and was determined to try to make it even if it was just for prep.

I did, however, call my friend Marie one of the few trusted people I work with now, and booked her to shoot the wedding for me along side my second Leslie. I then called my lovely brides Ally and Meghan to let them know what was happening.

I’m so grateful that were incredibly understanding, but also that I have a good emergency backup plan in place, even if I thought I would never have to use it.

Come Monday, December 4th, I was begging to go home.  I couldn’t rest in the hospital because they kept waking me up to check vitals or give me medication. My ob/gyn Dr. Bachman, knowing how strong willed I am, acquiesced and cleared me to go home with a long list of vitamins I am still take 3 months later.

Here’s the thing, I didn’t know I was pregnant.  I was on track with my cycles and it never dawned on me that this could happen until it was too late.  I know there are other blogs out there that talk about “ignoring their symptoms” and it cost them a fallopian tube, but that wasn’t the case here. This is also not my first loss.  I have had 2 miscarriages previously, one before and one after I had my son.  The first was devastating and took months to get over, the second I was upset but grateful that I had my son to focus on.  This time, I was just happy to be alive.

Infertility Awareness Week is April 22nd, loss and infertility are more prevalent than people know so I wanted to use my platform to not only tell my story but also bring awareness to the fact that if this has happened to you, you are not alone.  I also want to remind people to be mindful when speaking to people about pregnancy and fertility.  You never know what someone is struggling with, and while it’s well meaning to hope people have babies, it might not always be possible.

I’m forever grateful to my husband for taking care of everything while I was out of commision for two weeks, my day job co-workers  and clients for being so understanding and caring.

I’m working hard everyday to not take life too seriously, while also appreciating everything I’m blessed with.

Thank you to everyone who sent cards, flowers, and words of wellness.  It all mattered to me ❤



Martina and Brandon // Loft at Bridgeview // Wedding

I met Martina, Brandon and Brandon’s mom Paula over my favorite thing, coffee!  Martina is this gorgeous Italian transplant who reminds me so much of Gal Gadot, she’s that gorgeous!  Brandon was so sweet but reserved and Paula is just a ball of energy.  Which makes sense because she works in my sons pre-school/kindergarten center!

They were in a planning frenzy since Martina’s family and friends were traveling from Italy to Long Island for the wedding, there were a lot of balls in the air, but as you can see everything came together beautifully.

The Loft at Bridgeview has quickly become a favorite venue.  The staff is amazingly helpful, even to me! and beyond accommodating.

I started with Martina and her bridal party (aka best friends and soon to be sister in law) as well as her mom in the bridal loft.  It’s such a rustic/industrial space that it really lent itself to the evening December wedding.

How pretty is Martina’s custom dress?  It came all the way with her mom from Italy for the wedding.

Hi, Wonder Woman pose?  Yes please!


My bff Jessica took Brandon and got these adorable portraits of him before the ceremony

Martina did all the decorating herself, I love the rich gold that she chose to accent the white.  Very clean and classic.  A huge part of my job, that is so important to me, is telling the story of your day. That includes capturing the reactions to speeches, the emotions during dances, and the awkward laughing during portraits.  I have to say, I am glad no one tried to lift me on a chair at my wedding!  Martina was as terrified as I would have been! You can tell Martina has a special bond with her dad.  Mother/son dances always get me in the feels though Since it was 100% dark from the moment we started with their wedding day, we brought our own light!  It also meant we were able to take them out of reception for their romantics because we didn’t have natural light to try to capture.  Congratulations Martina and Brandon!

Kristin and Denny, Dust Off the Dress, Sagamore Hill

Denny and Kristin spent their 5 month wedding anniversary taking photos together with me! It was so much fun and such an honor to be able to capture these two love birds. Having unlimited time and not having to worry about “getting the dress dirty” was such a treat.

I’ve known Kristin for years (pre-being a mom) and we’ve seen each other through many ups and downs, and being able to encapsulate her and her new husband in a few frames they’ll have forever is truly a magical feeling.

Kristin and Denny met while attending the same church and started out as friends who became more (isn’t that one of the best ways a love story starts?) They had a small intimate ceremony at her parents house with their closest friends and family in attendance, and didn’t want to spend a lot of time taking photos on the day of.

That’s where I came in 😉

Thank you guys for letting me loose and going along with all my crazy ideas ❤

Also, shout out to my bride Laura who we ran into while we were walking all over Sagamore Hill (she works there) Hi Laura!!

This is one of my favorite buildings, everything is so symmetrical! Those.  Fall.  Colors.  Are. EVERYTHING. The sun, especially in the fall, always feels richer and warmer.  These are my favorite has got to be these, it feels like we’re in California on the coast. 

Congratulations you guys!  Here’s to 5 million more months.

Senefa and Steven’s Engagement Shoot Adventure, Hempstead Lake State Park

I met Senefa and Steve how I meet most of my friends, over coffee.  I remember towards the end of our “meeting” we realized we hadn’t talked about any business!  Honestly, there are worse problems to have than discovering you click immediately with two genuinely sweet, fun people.

When we were set to meet up for their engagement shoot, there was a snafoo with the first location so I scrambled and changed it up to one I knew would be close and would be equally beautiful. Being the laidback people they are, S&S just went with the flow. We managed to get there just as the sun was hitting that golden peak and then I made use of my off camera lighting skills to capture some amazing full moon action!

Hempstead Lake State Park at the tail end of fall is the epitome of autumnal beauty.  There are so many gorgeous trees changing color, the sun hits at just the right angle.  So many checks in my photography hit list.  I love that it looks like we’re hiking through the woods, but really we’re like 40 feet away from a major road. 

Could these guys be any cuter?  Modelssssss I completely geeked out when I turned around and saw the moon, I think I startled them with my gasp HA! But it worked!

Thank you for making this session a breeze!  Looking so forward to seeing you guys in June xoxo

Kristin and Shawn // Gantry Loft Wedding // A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock N’ Roll

I still remember the first conversation with Kristin (and Shawn, Creed, and Apollo in the background).  We talked so much about everything that our phones died before we could talk all the wedding details!

If that doesn’t give you a clue into how warm and open Kristin is, nothing will.

I was so excited to do their engagement shoot at Robert Moses Lighthouse, and for their wedding at Gantry Park.  I’ve never been, and was excited for the city views and loft feel of the venue.

It was a ridiculously hot September day and the sun was brutal, but everyone was super cooperative so we were able to get to the venue (and air conditioning!).  Although with it being negative zero these days, I kind of miss the heat. I will not, however, forgive Uber for leaving me stranded!!

Kristin is a little bit sassy, Shawn’s a little more laid back. She’s totally into country, and he’s kicking back with some rock and roll. Together they’re a great team and were a total blast to work with!

I don’t think I’ve ever posted so many images from the reception, these guys knew how to get down and have a great time at this awesome loft venue.  It really was the perfect backdrop for what Kristin explained she envisioned.  A little bit city, a little bit country.  I was in love with the centerpieces, sunflowers are one of my favorites.

I had the pleasure of teaming up with AJ Ignolia Films for their wedding.  I always love working with other creative vendors to work off each other and make sure the couple (and we) get everything they need.

Amanda Pierce Productions ensured every last detail at the venue was in place and coordinated the whole gorgeous event.

Cowboy boots for all the girls!

Kristin, I cannot even get over your blue eyes and how gorgeous you looked in your dress.

Kristin had the idea to have her bridesmaids hold signs for Shawn to see to amp him up before he saw her. 

Would ya look at that view!

After we got a few variations with the bridal party, we sent them back to enjoy some cold drinks and air so we quickly got to some romantics with Kristin and Shawn so they could get back with some time to spare for their ceremony. In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure we banged these out in under 20 minutes.  It was SO HOT. 

Because of their Irish roots, they had a whiskey ceremony instead of a candle or sand ceremony.  How neat!

DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS! Because the sun was going down shortly after the ceremony, we hustled K&S out for some more romantics to take advantage of the cooler weather and softer light.

I call these, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” photos

Can you tell these guys were ready to partaaayyyy?! The always sweet father/daughter dance.  And the one that gets me all the time, the mother/son. But let’s be honest, a girls first and always best friend is her mom.  Congratulations you guys!  Thank you so much for having me be part of your day! (and totally taking care of us like we were guests) 😉 XOXO

The Surf Club of Quogue // Long Island Wedding // Leigh and Mike

I never met Leigh or Mike prior to their wedding.  The beauty of technology!  Although even with that, Leigh was a green blob on my screen due to a technical error, but we carried on 🙂

I set out to meet Leigh (for the first time in person) at her parents home in Quogue.  Stepping into the most gorgeous, classically Hampton-ed house was a dream come true.



I loved that Leigh was barefoot most of the day, girl after my own bare feet.

My friend Jess headed over to the guys and captured some fun moments with them

2017-11-19_0027These guys were definitely a rowdy fun crowd ready to get the party started2017-11-19_00282017-11-19_0029

Mike and Leigh opted for a first look so they could get all the major pictures out of the way (bridal party, family photos) and enjoy their ceremony and cocktail hour.

We set them up on this sweet dock next to the Surf Club and out of the way of beach goers.


Then it was time for their beach front ceremony, their friend was the officiant so the ceremony was punctuated with sweet, funny and personal moments.

lmwedding_hamptons_ceremony (78 of 131)-1lmwedding_hamptons_ceremony (116 of 131)

We headed right into some portraits while their guests headed to the open air cocktail hoursurfclubquoguewedding_tricialapontephotography23surfclubquoguewedding_tricialapontephotography22

I love their easy laughter, Mike clearly has the key to making Leigh light up surfclubquoguewedding_tricialapontephotography21surfclubquoguewedding_tricialapontephotography20

These Surf Club benches were a request and I could have played around with them all day, so could this couple. Check out their model pose!surfclubquoguewedding_tricialapontephotography19

A few details before we head into the reception!

lmwedding_hamptons_details (2 of 80)lmwedding_hamptons_details (45 of 80)The entire reception was under the stars, with two live bands and lots of lively guests.  But first, the speeches.  A touching welcome speech from the brides parents. lmwedding_hamptons_party(83of371)And of course the history lesson speeches that all bridesmaids and groomsmen give!lmwedding_hamptons_party(206of371)lmwedding_hamptons_party(99of371)lmwedding_hamptons_party(244of371)lmwedding_hamptons_party(177of371)Congrats Leigh and Mike, I had so much fun celebrating with you guys!lmwedding_hamptons_party(369of371)