Little Sister

Little sis, I remember the day you were born.  Being so excited to have a sister, I remember always wanting to hold you, even though you were huge (still are waay taller than me :).  We had our fights, (some true doozies), had our adventures (driving all the way down Sunrise Highway for no other reason than we could), and shared secrets (puh puh :).

I was honored to be your matron of honor, and delighted to capture the moments of you getting ready to walk down the aisle.  I’m still laughing about grandma trying to get us all to wear her furs, and dad panicking about getting pictures in his 1960 Cadillac…LOL.

She drove to Poughkeepsie to get her dress (Cracker Barrell!!), ordered custom shoes, and hired a makeup artist…she pulled out all the stops to make this day special for them.

I am delighted to share some of the images of my beautiful sister as the gorgeous bride.
I’m so excited to share in your first married Christmas with your new hubby 🙂

Custom shoes from shoes of prey

This is the lid to my grandmothers candy dish, one my sister and I would constantly check for “good” candy.  Appropriate I thought, for the best candy EVER.

Doesn’t my momma look pretty!

The reveal, basically my sisters version of “Hey, don’t I look FABULOUS!”

I think the reaction from mom, dad and grandma says “YES YOU ARE!”

I mean, could my sister be more gorgeous?

We then quickly took it outside to grab some shots in my dad’s car, I mean he spent DAYS waxing it so it was camera ready!


I can’t even handle the gorge…

After this, we left in the limo following my dad and the bride to the church.  But, my camera stayed home.  I wanted to enjoy the day with my family, and my sister hired a capable photographer to capture all the moments after this, (who I will link to as soon as she blogs!).

Congratulations to you both, and like I said in my speech, I’m excited to start families and have our kids have fights, and adventures and share secrets.

Love you!!


13 thoughts on “Little Sister

  1. I’m so happy you were able to be there and capture your sister getting ready for her wedding. She is completely gorgeous and those car shots are CLASSIC!! Well done.

  2. Really lovely, the car shots are awesome. Your sister looks amazing, she’s lucky to have had you there to document her day in such a personal way.

  3. Tricia- Great pre-wedding photos! I love both the candid and posed shots. Diana looked gorgeous and you captured some great moments. Great photography!


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